Death and Taxes! You can prepare for one!

I am constantly being told by people throughout the community as we visit, “There are two things in life that are definite: death and taxes.” The choice to prepare ahead of time for one of these, death, is a very unselfish and mature decision. Pre-planning a funeral serves several important purposes. First, it allows you to determine what type of funeral service and disposition you want. You have time to think about the details and discuss them with your loved ones. This prepares them in advance for handling your funeral. Pre-planning eliminates uncertainties and surprises. Secondly, pre-planning a funeral spares your loved ones the burden of making last minute decisions.

Death brings grief, confusion, uncertainty and sometimes irrationality. Under these circumstances, by pre-panning your funeral and pre-paying, you give your family financial security and relieve them of any future financial burden. Pre-planning eliminates unnecessary difficulties in a time of stress and sorrow. It creates comfort and peace for your loved ones and gives them the satisfaction and confidence that they are carrying out your personal wishes. To pre-pay your own funeral services allows you to have the say in what your wishes are without any emotional pressure. Pre-paying a funeral service means paying for funeral services and merchandise at today’s price, but you are given the guarantee that these services and merchandise will be provided for you, at time of need, in the future at no additional expense for those items. Every pre-planned funeral service is customized to meet your personal wishes.  Whether you choose cremation or a full traditional funeral service. The payment options range from paying in full to interest free monthly payment options for up to 60 months.The directors at Mulkey-Mason Funeral Home would consider it an honor to visit with you about your personalized pre-need interests. Please call us at 972-436-4581 to schedule an appointment.