Just 10 –– CarePro Health Risk Management announces new integrative weight loss program

Just 10

Linn County LIVING WELL Magazine

­­CarePro Health Risk Management is excited to announce Just 10, a new integrative weight loss program in which participants are encouraged to lose 10% of their body weight and develop lifelong healthy habits.

“It is well documented that if an overweight person loses even 10% of their weight, significant health improvements can be measured,” says Randi Burt, program director. “Blood pressure and cholesterol levels can improve, fasting blood sugar levels can decrease, and body fat measurements will improve.”

Just 10 participants work with coaches over 10 months to progressively reach their weight loss goals by following this weekly schedule:

  • Week 1: Participants meet as a group for discussion, body measurements, and exercise prescriptions, which are tailored to individual capabilities, schedules, preferences, and levels of fitness.
  • Week 2: Participants complete assignments, including food journals, exercise prescriptions, and educational activities to guide behavior choices.
  • Week 3: Coaches discuss individual progress and goals with participants, and assign new tasks. Private coaching sessions are usually given by the same coach throughout the program.
  • Week 4: Participants complete assigned tasks. Coaches and participants keep in contact as frequently as needed or wanted for motivation, accountability, and advice. The coaches track compliance and send friendly reminders to motivate participants.

Just 10 teaches participants to make healthy choices long after the program is complete.  The committed personal attention participants receive from Just 10 cannot be found in a gym or diet program. “Just 10 is a comprehensive program that educates, demonstrates, and uses coaches and peers to hold participants accountable,” Burt says. “With Just 10, they get it all!”

Anybody who wants to lose weight is a great candidate for Just 10. Whether you want to improve your health or self esteem, or simply become a good role model for your family, Just 10 is a good choice for you. The 10-month program costs only $600 for individuals.  That equals $15 per week, which Burt states is significantly less than most Americans spend weekly on junk food and sedentary activities. Contact Randi Burt at 319-247-5691 or rburt@careprohs.com to join the Just 10 session starting Jan. 7, 2013.