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Dr. George Ulrich on What You Need to Know About Glaucoma, as seen in SENIOR Magazine

What You Need to Know About Glaucoma

By: George Ulrich, MD, for Colorado Springs SENIOR Magazine

Part One – What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye disease where a person may lose vision very slowly. The vision loss takes place so slowly that it is difficult to notice. What vision is lost is generally permanent. It happens more often as a person gets older. The good news about glaucoma is that once identified, it can be treated, and vision loss can be stopped or minimized. The vast majority of people diagnosed with glaucoma do very well and maintain good vision throughout their lives. Problem cases are those that don’t come to attention at the earlier stages. […]

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Tom Watson: Legendary golfer defies age


Golfer Tom Watson Defies Age

Written by Sondra Barr, The Media Barr, Inc.

It takes a rare sort of athlete to transcend a sport and become more than a mere footnoot or trivia question along the lines of: “What golfer was dubbed Huckleberry Dillinger early in his career?”

Tom Watson, the answer to the aforementioned query, is one such athlete. He’s amassed 39 PGA Tour wins (including two Masters, a U.S. Open, and a remarkable five British Opens), been a PGA Player of the Year six times, won five Champions Tour Major Championships, been a five-time leading money winner, and is only the second player in history, after Sam Snead, to post a top 20 finish in five different decades […]