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Sonoran Hip Center on how hip replacement surgery changes your life – LIVING WELL Magazine

No Limitations – Blue Skies Ahead
By Dr. Gil Ortega, Dr. Kurtis Staples, and Dr. Brian Miller, Sonoran Hip Center, Scottsdale LIVING WELL Magazine
Hip replacement surgery is one of the most successful surgeries ever performed for its real indication – pain that interferes with one’s quality of life. With over 250,000 of these surgeries performed annually in the U.S. alone, many individual’s lives are being changed for the better every single day. This is exciting, however, like any surgical procedure, it is not without some potential risk. It is major surgery, and complications do happen, one of which is termed ‘dislocation.’ […]

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Lacombe Nursing Centre on the role of occupational therapy – LIVING WELL Magazine

Lacombe Nursing Centre on the Role of Occupational Therapy

By Susan L. Howden, LOTR, Lacombe Nursing Centre, Northshore LIVING WELL Magazine
The role of an occupational therapist in a skilled nursing facility, such as Lacombe Nursing Centre, is to promote a client’s optimal functional ability and provide opportunities for an increased sense of competency and self fulfillment. […]

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Hospice of the Western Reserve on planning for the inevitable – LIVING WELL Magazine

Start young, before you’re “ready”

Courtesy Hospice of the Western Reserve, Akron LIVING WELL Magazine
Ashley, a vibrant, active 37-year-old lawyer, mother of three young children and part-time Pilates instructor has a to-do list longer than her combined client case load. When she learned that her next-door neighbor, a mother of four children who palled around with her kids, had terminal cancer, her mind went in many directions. […]

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ARA Gallery and Interiors talks metal countertops – LIVING WELL Magazine

Metal Countertops
By Tony Alt, ARA Gallery and Interiors, Linn County LIVING WELL Magazine
Everyone wants a kitchen or restroom that looks great. That’s easy to do with all the products that are out on the market. Now, if you wanted to create a look and use products that are recycled and “green” for the environment and still look great and be a little different and unique for the same cost as granite, etc. – that is […]

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AdvanTx on advanced directives – LIVING WELL Magazine

Advanced Directives: “Planning Ahead and Preparing for Future Today”
By Christian Fulkerson, AdvanTx, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine
One thing we all have in common: we grow older every day. The majority of us eventually face health issues. The health issues can turn into a terminal condition, leaving us to make important decisions on what type of medical intervention we want. It may come to the point that dying sooner, but more comfortably, may outweigh aggressive treatment. In most cases, patients can decide what they do or not want if that time comes. […]

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American Cancer Society Relay for Life Helps Community Fight Back Against Cancer – LIVING WELL Magazine

American Cancer Society Relay For Life Helps Community Fight Back Against Cancer

By Rhonda Hollen, American Cancer Society, Northshore LIVING WELL Magazine
The American Cancer Society is looking for committee members to be a part of the 2012 Relay For Life events on the Northshore. People interested in being a part of a committee will be a part of the community’s biggest effort to fight cancer. […]