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Your Hand Deserves The Best

By Chuck McMillan, Advanced Hand, Northshore LIVING WELL Magazine

The hand is a unique area of the human body that is made up of bone, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, skin, and blood vessels. These elements must all be in good working order for the hand to function properly.

The relationship between all these structures is delicate and refined. An injury or disease can affect any or all of these causing severe pain and loss of utilization.

If you have pain in your finger, hand, wrist or arm, or if you have other upper extremity related concerns, you may want to consult a hand or orthopedic surgeon.

Some common hand and upper extremity conditions are:

  • Carpal tunnel
  • Tennis elbow
  • Wrist pain
  • Sports injuries of the hand and wrist
  • Fractures of the hand and wrist
  • Rotator cuff
  • Bursitis and arthritis
  • Diseases

At Advanced Hand Specialists we see many referrals from these specialists after surgery to make splints, perform therapy, and develop home exercise programs. The quicker we see them after surgery usually the better the outcomes.

Hand therapy is performed by an occupational, or physical therapist with a high degree of specialization that requires continuing education and, often, advanced certification. The staff at Advanced Hand Specialists has over 50 years combined experience working with hand and upper extremity conditions.

We perform:

*Custom splint fabrication for prevention or correction of injury

*Management of acute or chronic pain

*Sensory re-education after nerve injury

*Training in the performance of daily life skills

*Conditioning prior to returning to work

*Educating patient on condition and helping prevent

We see all types of patients ranging from painters, to plumbers, to hair stylists, and even quite a few physicians and their wives. Our reputation for providing specialized care and superior customer service has held steady for over six years.

If the use of your hand, wrist and/or upper extremity is impaired for any reason,trust the specialized expertise of our hand therapists to facilitate pain relief, prevent further injury or impairment, restore functional activity and enhance your daily life.

A lot of our patients are returning clients who liked the results they received from our staff and came back after having a different surgery, or for a different condition. That speaks volumes about the staff we have in place and the relaxed atmosphere at our location at 594 Asbury Drive in Mandeville, La. We can be reached at 985-674-4170.