Why Take Advice from a Consulting Firm who has not walked in Your Shoes?––ACO Practice Solutions

Why Take Advice from a Consulting Firm who has not walked in Your Shoes?

Courtesy ACO Practice Solutions, Collin County LIVING WELL Magazine

How are you going to select a physician the next time a particular medical condition requires specialized medical or surgical expertise? If you happen to have a family physician, you may rely on their recommendation for a specialist. They may refer you to whom they feel would provide you with the best outcome; however, in today’s highly competitive, insurance dominated, government regulated environment, it may be to a specialist that is in an insurance network, hospital system, or their multispecialty group. Obviously, this does not always preclude that you will receive good care. You may also rely on friends or relatives for recommendations. Of course this could be somewhat precarious depending on how they arrived at the specialty care they are now recommending. Then there is always the Internet and the ubiquitous marketing one encounters everywhere on a daily basis.

With today’s highly sophisticated and technologically advanced medical care, just selecting a specialist may not always get you the best of what you require. Much of today’s most advanced care is provided by a specialist who has focused on one particular disease or condition treated by that specialty. Many specialists not only do a residency training program, but also do fellowship training in a particular aspect of that specialty; such as obstetrician-gynecologists who can receive further training in high risk pregnancy, reproductive endocrinology, gynecologic oncology, or urogynecology. However, now a physician may have developed a particular expertise in just one aspect of these subspecialties.

Our goal at ACO Practice Solutions is to help physicians develop a successful practice in what they most enjoy doing; focusing on their true expertise and providing services in a highly efficient, low stress environment, while achieving successful outcomes with high patient satisfaction. We accomplish this by helping the physician focus on what they do best, effectively marketing their skills, and analyzing and implementing an efficient delivery system. The approach allows the physician to vertically integrate all services required to effectively treat the disease entities or medical conditions they focus upon. By effectively marketing and developing our clients’ services, we hope to educate the community as to what their best options may be when faced with a particular medical condition.

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