America's greatest natural human resource, adults over 50 – Boomers Leading Change in Health, LIVING WELL Magazine


By Barbara Raynor, Boomers Leading Change in Health, East Denver LIVING WELL Magazine

When you think about America’s natural resources, what comes to mind? Land? Air? Water? Oil?  Gas? Minerals?

What about Adults 50+?

Thanks to their wisdom, experience, diverse skill sets—and energy—Adults 50+ represent America’s greatest natural human resource.

Not content to take the next phase of their lives lying down, Adults 50+ have the time, talent, and desire to help communal institutions build capacity and better meet the needs of those they serve.  Given the challenges presented by today’s economy, it seems the abundance of Adults 50+ could not have come at a better time.

If only more institutions would embrace them as the resource they are—imagine what our communities might be like. Libraries could increase their hours. Early childhood centers could have more classroom aides to help ensure that young children are fully-prepared to enter elementary school. More isolated seniors could receive home visits and nutritious foods from Meals-on-Wheels volunteers who could nourish their bodies—and their souls.

The list goes on and on.

Denver nonprofit Boomers Leading Change in Health not only recognizes the value of engaging Adults 50+ for the greater good—they’ve already mobilized more than 120 volunteers to help people across the community connect to vital healthcare resources that will help them lead healthier, more active lives. Last year, BLCiH volunteers assisted more than 3,470 people—and they’ve only just begun to scratch the surface.

Boomers Leading Change in Health is part of a national movement created to harness the skills, experience, and energy of Adults 50+ to address prevailing social issues in their local communities.  From Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, these volunteers are tackling challenges like homelessness, mentoring children at-risk, smart growth, literacy, and hunger and healthy foods—and are making a difference in meaningful ways.

Again, they’ve only begun to scratch the surface.

It’s time for America to not only acknowledge Adults 50+ as the valuable natural human resource they are, but to utilize this resource for the greater good.

They’ve changed the world—for the better—before. The time has come for them to do it again.

Barbara Raynor is the managing director of Boomers Leading Change in Health, a ground-breaking grassroots effort dedicated to improving the health—and access to healthcare—of people across Metro Denver by mobilizing Adults 50+ as volunteers. To visit their website, go to