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Metal Countertops

By Tony Alt, ARA Gallery and Interiors, Linn County LIVING WELL Magazine

Everyone wants a kitchen or restroom that looks great. That’s easy to do with all the products that are out on the market. Now, if you wanted to create a look and use products that are recycled and “green” for the environment and still look great and be a little different and unique for the same cost as granite, etc. – that is harder to do. However, there is a recycled metal product out there that is perfect for countertops, back splashes, wall veneer, furniture, etc.

The metal product from ARA Gallery & Interiors is 99.9% recycled metal. With its special powder coating technique, this metal is heat resistant up to 500 degrees, bacteria resistant, stain resistant, moisture resistance, more scratch resistant then other metal products, including wood, glass, formica, and even some lower end granite. The metal countertops never have to be sealed and if by chance you do get a scratch they can easily be touched up or then can even be removed, ground down and a entire new coating can be put on then reinstalled. One final benefit is that when you are all done with them – decades down the road – instead of throwing in the landfill like other old countertops, these can be turned in and you can get paid the current scrap metal price which will continue the recycled process.

There are about a dozen standard colors to choose from, but the most popular three or four include many applications of acid washing to create a warm coppery color. When this is applied the metal doesn’t even look like metal. People touch it and still don’t know it is actually metal.

The most common application for the metal product is countertops, back splashes and wall veneer. However, anything can be fabricated and built with this product. Some other product ideas are fireplace surrounds, fire pits, dining tables and occasional tables, stairways, buffets, etc.

Another benefit of the metal countertops and backsplashes is that the product can skin over the top of your existing countertop or backsplash. This will save you even more money and time as you don’t have to rip out or un-install the old surface.

For countertops, the metal is priced similar to medium priced granite. For the wall veneer and back splashes the price is much less, as a thinner gage metal is used.

ARA Gallery & Interiors offers free house calls and quotes and has many install photos to give you ideas and show you what the finished outcome will look like. For any questions or if you would like to schedule a house call, call Tony at ARA Gallery & Interiors.