Are physicians ready for the coming senior boom?

The Senior Boom is coming. Are physicians ready?

By Denise Grimes

As I was doing my research for this article, one question kept repeating itself—Are physicians ready for the Baby Boomers? Wellness Concepts and our physicians are ready for the Baby Boomers and are preparing everyday and working toward making our senior patients the primary priority.

Our physicians at Wellness Concepts, Drs Zahid Zafar, Syed Aiziz, and Reziuddin Siddique, have dedicated their careers to providing exceptional medical care to seniors. They have established a model where the patient receives continuity of care, with physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Wellness Concepts provides care in an office setting located in McKinney, where medical assessments are completed with testing and diagnostic services focused on seniors. The physicians also have hospital privileges in the area to provide you with care in case you are hospitalized.

Wellness Concepts provides medical coverage in local skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities, acute rehabilitation facilities, assisted living facilities, and most recently providing a clinic setting in independent living communities. This service is highly unusual.

In preparation for the growth in senior population numbers, our physicians work to provide convenient, high quality medical services and continuity of care for each of our patients. In order to provide continuity of care it is imperative that a patient have the same team of medical professionals following through with every aspect of health care.

Wellness Concepts, PA team members are trained to care for seniors and are able to recognize the special characteristics of older patients and distinguish disease state from the normal physiological changes associated with aging. In order to treat senior patients effectively, our physicians are knowledgeable about the physiological and psychological changes related to normal aging and the complex clinical and social aspects of caring for seniors.

Our physicians understand the necessity of an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals. The complex needs of older patients often require a team approach. We coordinate care with other professionals and specialists that ensures patient’s needs, as well as those of patient’s caregivers, are met.

Our physicians take care of people, not just their diseases. Our team has working relationships with cardiologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, orthopedics, podiatrists, pulmonologists, and other specialists as needed. Call 214-544-2828 to schedule an appointment with physicians who understand the need to work collaboratively with other professional disciplines to improve health, functioning and well-being of older persons and to help each patient maintain an independent lifestyle.