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Successful Retirement

Jeff Christian, CFP,CRPC,ChFEBC, Armor Financial Group, Northshore LIVING WELL Magazine

Effective retirement planning involves examining, determining, and educating yourself about what you want your life to really be like in retirement. Having the lifestyle of your dreams doesn’t just occur, you have to make it happen. Experts tell us to be deliberate in our thinking and planning for this phase in life. The following are 10 key areas from “The Wall Street Journal” (9/23/07) that I believe couples, as well as individuals, should investigate and discuss in planning for retirement:

Do we really want to retire and if so, when?

  • What is our vision for retirement and do we share the same vision?
  • Where do we want to retire?
  • What’s our strategy for building and preserving a nest egg?
  • What assets do we have for retirement…and are they invested in the most beneficial ways to achieve our goals?
  • How much money will we need to support our lifestyle in retirement?
  • Do we have an estate plan…and where is it?
  • What will our legacy be?
  • What kinds of relationships, personal and financial, do we want to have with our children and parents in later life?
  • How will each of us approach and manage getting older?

Every retiree’s circumstances are unique, so some areas to consider will be more relevant to you than others. The point is that the level of time and effort that you put into planning and investigating your retirement now will add value to the quality of life that you actually have. If you would like assistance in planning your retirement or have questions about any retirement related issue, call me and let’s schedule a time to develop the retirement that you dream about.

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