Arthritis-Friendly Exercise

Individuals suffering with arthritis shouldn’t exercise, right? Wrong. In fact, regular exercise is a critical part of the therapy process. Without exercise, arthritis sufferers are bound to lose further important mobility and movement. But if exercise is so important, what varieties of exercises specifically aid those with arthritis? Let’s answer that question for you now.

There are three types of exercises that benefit individuals with arthritis. And all three are necessary for regaining the most potential movement. Plus, all three can be easily incorporated into daily activities if planned for correctly.

Flexibility exercises

These include exercises that stretch muscles and increase a person’s range of motion. These exercises should be given priority since they loosen and improve joint movement. While tai chi and yoga are great ways to increase range of motion, there are a number of simple, daily exercises available that can be done anytime during the day or even just before bed.

Strengthening exercises

In order to build up the muscles surrounding joints and take pressure off joints during movement, regular strengthening exercises are encouraged. Repetition and routine will ensure that muscles are toned and used more often during movement.

Aerobic exercise

Weight bearing cardiovascular exercises such as walking, swimming, dancing, and biking will increase blood flow, encourage muscles to work more efficiently, and build bone strength in order to assist with joint movement. As discouraging as arthritis can be, aerobic exercise can alleviate depression, lessen anxiety, and improve sleep patterns. Going for a walk is worth it if only for those reasons!

Before launching into any kind of exercise routine, individuals should discuss their plan with their doctor and physical therapist. Together, you can consider overall health and create an optimal workout strategy. Regardless of your exercise routine, however, be sure to make physical activity a daily priority.