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Heimlich Maneuver Saves Lives

Loretta and Eugene’s Story

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Aspire’s private duty care is meant to make life easier for people who need help living at home, but as Arvada seniors, Loretta and Eugene found out, their in-home caregiver can actually save their lives.

Recently, the senior couple sat down to enjoy their lunch prepared by Sheryl, their caregiver from Aspire Home Care. But when Loretta, 75, began to choke on the peaches she was eating, the cozy lunch turned scary.

“I saw Loretta put her hands to her throat and realized she was choking,” explains Sheryl, who has worked as a certified nursing assistant and personal care worker for 18 years. She quickly moved to Loretta, removed the brace and performed the Heimlich on her.

Eugene, 85, was sitting next to Loretta and stood up to try and help his wife, but realized he did not have the strength to help. “Sheryl got that brace off Loretta, and went right to saving her,” Eugene remembers. “It all happened in a matter of seconds, but Sheryl was right there for us and knew exactly what to do.”

As a part of her certification, Sheryl goes through a variety of trainings annually, including one in lifesaving procedures like the Heimlich maneuver. “I did the procedure twice on Loretta and on the second pump, the peach came flying out,” explains Sheryl.

As part of her duties as a personal care worker for Aspire, Sheryl visits Loretta and Eugene in their home and helps them with a variety of tasks, everything from moving around the house, exercising and taking walks, cooking, light cleaning, and perhaps, best of all — being there as a companion for the couple.

Whether you are recovering from an illness, need help living with a disability or just need a little help around the house like Loretta and Eugene, the staff at Aspire is ready to help individuals of all ages with home health and private duty care.

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