The Benefits of Robotic Gynecological Surgery

Robotic Gynecological Surgery

By Antonio Asis, MD, FACOG, Denton LIVING WELL Magazine

The advanced technology of robotic surgery has resulted in vast improvements in gynecological procedures to treat uterine fibroids, endometriosis and other gynecologic conditions that can cause painful, heavy menstrual flow and infertility. This minimally invasive surgery offers many benefits.

The Technology

While performing robotic surgery, a surgeon typically sits at a robotics console as opposed to standing over the patient. After making very small incisions, the surgeon then maneuvers a 3-D camera and tiny surgical tools within the patient’s body. The camera provides detailed images to guide the surgeon, who uses console controls to manipulate the robotic arms that are attached to the surgical instruments.

The Benefits
The benefits of robotic gynecological surgery include:

  • Unmatched precision. The detailed images and accurate control over movement that robotic technology offers surgeons gives them the power to perform procedures with incredible precision. In the case of a robotic myomectomy surgery to remove uterine fibroids, for example, this precision can often mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful pregnancy in the future.
  • Reduced blood loss, scarring, and pain. Robotic surgery is minimally invasive, so it is easier on the body than traditional surgery might be. This technology leads to less pain, less blood loss, less need for blood transfusions and less scarring.
  • Quicker recovery. Incisions are very small, and the patient experiences less trauma, so recoveries are faster. In a robotic hysterectomy surgery, where the uterus is removed, a patient leaves the hospital and is able to resume normal activities much sooner than someone who undergoes an open hysterectomy surgery.
  • Higher rate of success. Due to incredible precision, faster healing, less of a risk of infection, and other benefits of robotic surgery, patients experience a greater rate of success.

Dr. Asis is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and is a member of the medical staff at Denton Regional Medical Center. He is a proctor for Intuitive Surgical, teaching other physicians robotic surgery techniques for gynecologic procedures.

For more information about whether robotic gynecologic surgery may be a treatment option for you, please contact the office of Dr. Asis at 940-484-2747 or visit his website at