Beware: Disabled Should Not Enter. Use Your Knees. – Fairway Medical, LIVING WELL Magazine

Disabled Should Not Enter: Use Your Knees!

Courtesy Fairway Medical, Northshore LIVING WELL Magazine

DISABLED SHOULD NOT ENTER! On a recent vacation in Virginia, this sign was posted at the ticket counter for a haunted hayride. But, what if a total knee replacement could be the metamorphosis needed to enter. For me, it was as I climbed without assistance onto a wagon and took a hayride to the edge of a cornfield. After walking briskly along an uneven and dimly candlelit path, it was time to run for my life through deep woods populated by ghosts, ghouls and monsters jumping out at me when I least expected it. The haunting experience ended with a dark maze of pitch black rooms filled with twists, turns, moving walls and floors. I easily navigated everything, crawling at times on my knees. Did I say, “My Knees?” Yes, I certainly did.


Six months ago, I would not have been able “to enter” because of the pain and impairment in my left knee after a tennis injury. Fear can be a terrible thing; and, just as I waited with bated breath throughout this horror-filled adventure, I feared the unknown associated with a knee replacement. However, with the knowledge my physician and the physical therapist communicated to me, I felt the benefits from the surgery outweighed any risks. How lucky and blessed I am that I have had such a positive experience. Now I am “able” to begin my return to tennis, and the spirits encircling me are those of hope and happiness.

–       Fairway Medical Surgical Hospital patient testimony

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