Boomers Bring Creativity to Funeral Services

Funeral Services

Courtesy Dannel Funeral Home

Baby Boomers are known as a generation unafraid of change, except when it comes to funeral services. They embraced rock music and folk ballads. They tackled political activism. Now, they’re choosing their funeral arrangements with the same boldness and resistance to tradition.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Boomers are taking a more active role in pre-planning their own funerals, requesting a celebration of life that is unique and yet comforting for their families.

Once, pre-planning was somehow taboo, as though not talking about––or planning for––our deaths might prevent it from happening. Boomers, however, have the information, the resources and the motivation to pursue pre-planning with confidence. Since many have buried their parents, they know how hard it can be for families to make those decisions during an emotional time. And, as is typical with Boomers, they want to have a say in how they say good-bye.

The professional team at Dannel Funeral Home will talk with you about arrangements that are most meaningful, whether it involves environmentally-friendly disposition or Beatles music during the service. Be assured there is no single “right” way.

“There is a definite trend toward unique and creative arrangements,” says Charles Dannel, owner of Dannel Funeral Home in Sherman. “Boomers often want their final services to have a flair or tell a story. Some want to encourage their family to embrace life and live in ways that matter.”

One of the most frequent questions about pre-panning is what happens if you move to another city? Your arrangements are transferable, so another funeral home will honor your plan. Additionally, you have payment options. And costs are frozen, even if the service is paid out in installments. (Funeral costs, like most other services, rise over time.)

The document is amendable as well. So you can change from Beatles music to the Stones if you’d like. Pre-planning is one of those gifts you leave behind for your family. Like all that you taught them. All the love that you shared. And all the laughter you generated.

Charles invites you to give him a call at 903-893-1171. The Dannel family has been helping families like yours for over 100 years.