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Retaining the Dignity and Freedom to Bathe Independently

Donna Aust, Best Buy Walk-In Bath Tubs, LIVING WELL Magazine (formerly SENIOR Magazine)

The “Boomers” are aging and will experience the same health issues common among the elderly – arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis and hearing and vision loss; but, they are choosing to live longer in their homes today than in the past, thanks to thoughtful products designed to aid independent living and through consumer education on senior home safety. Nevertheless, they will eventually reach a point in their lives when they need specialized environments to safely retain their independence and since most accidents for the elderly occur in the bathroom, it would make sense to focus on a very popular safety feature – the walk-in bath tub.

Bathrooms usually are easily reconfigured for a walk-in tub. If a homeowner becomes a caretaker for a senior or infirmed relative, a walk-in bathtub may be a good option for a second bathroom.  Although generally marketed to the elderly, older active homeowners often invest in a walk-in bathtub when remodeling and planning for their future. The convenience and therapeutic benefits of a walk in tub can be enjoyed by any age.

Many of us take bathing for granted, but it can be a tremendous challenge for those in wheelchairs or otherwise restricted in movement. Walk-in bathtubs allow users to enter through watertight doors that swing open when the tub is empty, creating an entryway rarely more than a few inches above the floor. The raised seat makes for easy access when entering and exiting while the safety rails or bars allow for the safe transfer of bathers using wheelchairs and walking aids. Walk-in bathtubs feature therapeutic jets, which can sooth aching muscles and restore some mobility.

Of course, senior safety is of utmost importance. The tub should have slip resistant floors, seats and safety bars. These safety features are what make walk- in bathtubs popular in health care facilities as well as home care.

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