Caring is our Calling –– Hilltop Haven

Caring is our Calling

By Holly Titsworth, CMP, Hilltop Haven, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine

When Tom Brokaw started researching for his first book on the Greatest Generation, he set out to document stories. He wanted to record the memories of the older generation who had never written down their life. He wanted to pay tribute to them. Christian Care Centers has the same philosophy. We want our residents to record their life stories and leave wonderful memories behind for future generations to see and appreciate.

We have three campuses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, one in Mesquite, Fort Worth, and Gunter, Texas. At each campus, we have a certified program called Life Bios®. This program allows our residents to put together a scrapbook, life poster or book with the help of a volunteer or one of our activity directors. Not only does the resident get to tell their life story, but they also get feedback from the ones taking down their stories. If you were to walk by a group of residents participating in our Life Bios® program, you would hear laughter, amazement, surprise, and shock over just how much they have accomplished. It’s so amazing to see our residents turn back the clock and fondly remember things they haven’t mentioned in years. From this program, the Christian Care Center family also gets to see the interests of our residents. We plan fun events geared towards those interests.

Our residents are also encouraged to participate in our wellness philosophy. We believe wellness is a changing process, which includes spiritual, emotional, physical, vocational, social, and intellectual well being.

“Caring is our Calling” is more than just a tagline to Christian Care Centers—it’s a way of life.

At Christian Care Centers, we pride ourselves in finding innovative programs our residents can benefit from intellectually, by offering the renowned and certified Posit Science® Brain Fitness program. The program targets the speed and accuracy of auditory and language processes and neuromodulatory systems associated with learning and memory, enabling residents who take the class to stay cognitively active.

Socialization is an important part of our philosophy and at Hilltop Haven, our residents love to socialize! We have craft groups, scrapbook groups, ministry groups and veteran’s groups. Cards and dominoes are another favorite. Just about any interest can be found at Hilltop Haven.

As the largest faith based, not-for-profit organization in the Metroplex, Christian Care Centers strives to give back to our residents, emotionally and spiritually. We feel that a loving and compassionate environment is best for our residents. We encourage dignity and support for our caregivers. The role of a “Caregiver” has many definitions. A caregiver could be a nurse, doctor, social worker or employee of our community. It could also be a spouse, daughter, or son caring for their family member at home. We recognize the burden that caregivers go through so we established a Caregiver’s Support Group. We have found that this helps the caregiver cope with their daily struggles. We offer support and a shoulder to lean on in difficult times. Some of our residents who live in our retirement living communities have a spouse in the Health Care Center or our Memory Care Assisted Living. This support group benefits them by allowing them to verbalize their struggles with one another and listen to different speakers share their stories. At Christian Care Centers, spiritual wellness is another important philosophy. All faiths are welcome to attend church services or Bible study offerings. We also have pastoral care ministers on our three campuses.

At Christian Care Centers, we are committed to providing housing and health care services for seniors in a loving and compassionate environment that encourages relationships, independence, and dignity through spiritual, physical, social and recreational programs. As a Continuous Care Retirement Community, we embody a varied and rich lifestyle for seniors today. We want you to retire to live and live fully. At Christian Care Centers, caring is in our name, but it’s also in our hearts!

Author Holly Titsworth is the director of marketing and corporate communications with Christian Care Centers. Hilltop Haven, located in Gunter, is part of the Christian Care Centers family, the largest faith based, non-profit senior living community in North Texas. With 64 years of history, Hilltop strives to have quality care in a peaceful and spiritual environment to enhance residents’ quality of life.