Families Deciding Together

Families Deciding Together Courtesy Dannel Funeral Home When a death occurs, families gather. Frequently, they must respond quite suddenly. Perhaps they travel long distances. In the midst of their grief, they must make approximately 300 […]


What to Say: Part One

Courtesy Dannel Funeral Home Many of us search for the right words to provide comfort to a grieving family. We want to say something meaningful. Charles Dannel, fifth-generation owner of Dannel Funeral Home, reassures us […]


Allen Family Funeral Options asks, “Whose Job is it, anyway?”

Whose Job Is It, Anyway?
By Rick Allen, Allen Family Funeral Options, Collin LIVING WELL Magazine

I am becoming more and more supportive of the concept of cutting out the middleman. Often this can make a product or service more affordable. It also seems like we are getting less and less service from service providers these days, so you wonder just what are we paying for when a third party is involved? […]