Sports Eye Safety Tips

Courtesy Key-Whitman Eye Center Did you know that more than 25,000 people seek treatment for sport-related eye injuries each year? Damage to your eyes can have lasting effects extending beyond pain during the initial blow––it […]


Dry Eye

By Satya Reddy, MD The eye is bathed in tears, which provide nutrients and comfort. With each blink, tears are spread across the cornea, providing protection and clear vision. In a healthy eye, tears are […]


UV Exposure and Eye Health

During the summer months, we are subject to increased risk of UV (ultra-violet) and visible blue light exposure on the health of our eyes. Especially if you’re at higher altitudes, there is less atmosphere to […]


No-Stitch Cornea Transplantation

No-stitch Cornea Transplantation

Satya Reddy, MD, Louisiana Cornea Specialists, Northshore LIVING WELL Magazine (formerly SENIOR Magazine)

Corneal guttata is a condition that affects one in 1,000 people in which the inside layer of cells (the endothelium) of the cornea malfunction (the cornea is the clear dome that comprises the front surface of the eye and consists of three basic layers). […]


Advances in Cataract Surgery

Advances in Cataract Surgery Modern cataract surgery makes use of an amazing array of high-tech equipment and techniques. Gone are the days when cataract surgery required a two-week stay in the hospital, with your head […]


Aging and the Eyes

Aging and the Eyes As birthdays accumulate and wisdom grows, our bodies change as well. Starting from our 40s and going forward our eyes mature and exhibit some decline in function. Some changes are normal […]