Nutrition and Pain

A cohesive and integrated program provides the best results in relieving pain. Chronic pain patients suffer from pain that is multi-layered. Therefore, a cohesive and integrated program provides patients with the best results in relieving […]


What are Mesonutrients?

Mesonutrients are the power source of the superfoods. By Julie Alvira, MD, MBA Trendy! We have heard about macros (big) and micronutrients (small) but now there are mesonutrients (in the inside or middle). Correction, the […]

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Making the “Switch to Rich”—How Eating Nutrient Rich Superfoods Can Change Your Life for the Better—Forever

Everywhere you turn, we are hit with ads on how to eat, what to eat and when to eat. The “why” is often limited to weight loss-only programs that push “half-baked” healthier eating styles that are simply not focused on true health and are unsustainable. The marketing claims seem amazing and the canned testimonies border on the miraculous, yet most of these “diets” are based on making changes that don’t really solve the core problem—why we gained weight in the first place. […]