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The Trace at Claiborne Hill on Choosing a Retirement Community, as seen in SENIOR Magazine

Choosing a Retirement Community

By: Judie Palmisano, The Trace at Claiborne Hill, for Northshore SENIOR Magazine

When you have made that thoughtful choice to consider a retirement community, what should you look for? Here are some suggestions.

Look for a facility that offers levels of care; independent, assisted living and memory care. Having all these levels will give you options as the years go on should needs change. And if needs do change, does a resident remain in his or her room or have to relocate within the community?

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Adult Day Program

Statesman Life Centers and The Manor at Scottsdale, Advantages of Retirement Community Living

Retirement Living Has Many Benefits

By: Georgette Kelly, Statesman Life Centers and The Manor at Scottsdale

As we age, we undergo physical changes that are easy to spot. It is the subtle changes to our mindset and how we perceive our world that often go undetected. Many people, especially seniors, find that at a time when the world is speeding up and becoming more difficult to understand and deal with, they are struggling to keep up with the pace of the life to which they were previously accustomed. […]

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Fountain View Village on when to look into Retirement Living

Published in Scottsdale SENIOR Magazine

After my beloved husband passed away, I found myself alone for the first time in over 50 years. It wasn’t so bad when my children they were all surrounding me, but as they live in different states, they would soon be leaving. Each invited me to live with them but I didn’t want to interfere with their lives or add to their responsibilities as each had enough taking care of their own families. […]

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Rambling Oaks Courtyard Defines Assisted Living

By: Nicol Smith, Rambling Oaks Courtyard, for SENIOR Magazine (Denton edition)

Senior living communities today are nothing like they used to be. Communities today are bright, open and inviting. Most have the latest technology with everything from wifi to flat screen TVs. Apartments are larger, offering one and two bedroom suites. Today’s assisted living residents are still active, vibrant individuals that have so much to give and are very involved in their communities. […]