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Dining Services

It’s More Than Just the Food

By Skip Hale, Executive Director of Cheyenne Place, Colorado Springs LIVING WELL Magazine

Last year, I gave you tips to help you find the senior living community that’s right for you. Included was the recommendation to always try the food. Ask about options in the dining room. Make certain you or your loved one’s dietary needs will be met and absolutely stay for a complimentary lunch or dinner.

We all know that no matter what our age, healthy eating is very import. As we grow older, medical problems can interfere with a healthy diet, our appetite can decrease, or a problem with nutrient absorption may develop. Cooking can become a burden and, in turn, some older adults stop eating healthfully.

To counter the problems that are sometimes associated with aging and appetite, all meals prepared by Chef Jeff Morlan at Cheyenne Place Retirement Community exceed the recommended daily nutritional content suggested by federal guidelines. Plus, by tailoring menus to the tastes of our residents and offering a variety of selections that compliment a full salad bar, our food service team provides our residents with plenty of healthy and tasty choices.

The food service team at Cheyenne Place makes a concerted effort to engage diners visually and really “feed their eyes” as well as their stomachs. That translates into careful presentation of every dish. Consistent adherence to restaurant-style dining, complete with waiters and waitresses, means that our staff also nourishes residents’ spirits with personal attention and makes mealtime something to look forward to. Meal time for senior living residents means so much more than a delicious and nutritious meal. It’s not just the food, but rather the “food for the soul” that can make a big difference in a person’s outlook.

The social outlet and sense of camaraderie that is offered by senior living dining is often the “main course,” while the social aspect of dining is obviously very important to the health of seniors––so is tasty and healthy food. Our chef features “made from scratch,” home-style cooking. So when it comes to serving the best in meals, the proof is in the pudding at Cheyenne Place Retirement Community.

Come learn more about Cheyenne Place and take a tour today. Ask for me, Skip Hale, executive director. I can be reached at 719-576-2122.