Companion Care Advantages––Ray of Sunshine Senior Care

Companion Care Advantages

By Kelly Greenlees, Ray of Sunshine Senior Care, Collin County LIVING WELL Magazine

Facts compiled by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice show that 7.6 million permanently disabled and chronically or terminally ill individuals in the United States receive home care services. Although the majority of home care recipients are over the age of 65 years, many are discharged from hospitals to home care so they can continue to receive the rehabilitative care they need.

With families facing many choices for their loved ones’ care, it’s important to know reasons why so many families choose companion care in the home, rather than other options. These reasons include the following:


One of the major advantages of companion care services is that it costs less than keeping a patient in the hospital, or in an assisted living facility. Dedicated companion care professionals can provide a full range of services in an affordable way, helping those on recovery from a hospital discharge, and those just needing a helping hand with daily activities.


What many people value about companion care is it provides clients the safety and security of being in their own homes. Clients receive individualized care designed to meet their specific needs, which can delay or prevent the need to be moved to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. While moves to facilities are frequently disruptive, companion care clients can remain in their homes while still receiving the attentive care they need.

Quality of Care

The ability to remain in the home allows clients to receive one-on-one attention, something they wouldn’t receive in a hospital or nursing facility. In most nursing facilities, a single staff member is often responsible for caring for 10 or more residents, making everyday living difficult for clients with specific care needs.

Family Participation

Perhaps the biggest benefit of companion care in the home is being closer to friends and family. While facilities tend to be tough for most families to access for visits, companion care allows family members to be actively involved in their loved one’s care, which puts families at ease and frequently aids in boosting clients’ health.

While companion care may not be a fit for every situation, families today need to carefully consider the benefits above to see whether their loved one might benefit; speak to a trusted companion care provider today to see if this option might work for you!

Kelly Greenlees is the administrator of Ray of Sunshine Senior Care; she can be reached at 972-971-3080.