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Funerals as Celebrations

Courtesy Dannel Funeral Home, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine

There are those for whom the comforts of traditional funeral arrangements bring a welcome sense of order and peace. Others imagine a more joyful, less somber occasion. There is a growing trend for personalized services that reflect what was unique, and beloved, about the deceased – funerals that help people remember and laugh, as well as remember and cry.

Many contemporary celebrations honor the individual by recognizing characteristics, philosophies, achievements, and talents.  “There is no one right way to conduct a service,” says Pat Dannel, owner and director at Dannel Funeral Home. “We help families plan arrangements that are memorable and meaningful, traditional or not.”

Part of a funeral director’s expertise is creating a good “experience” for families and friends.  The arrangements may be startling simple or remarkably elaborate. Plans evolve after thoughtful conversations with the family.

Requests for creativity might include posting photos online and creating DVDs with personal tributes from friends and family. Some want to consider themed caskets or green burials. Others want printed programs that include a collage of photos, memorable quotations, or selected writings. Some request a memorial table or talented musicians. Others prefer unique locations.

Many families choose gestures that connect with a talent or profession, such as distributing single flowers to guests upon the death of a gardener or the placement of wrapped candy in the pews at the service for a woman who was known for her great fudge.

A heightened interest in preplanning has developed. “When people attend a warmly unique celebration, they appreciate how it supports the healing process and they want to know how they can provide that for their family and friends,” says Charles Dannel, funeral director. “Preplanning allows you to state your preferences about everything from venue of service to the food for a family reception.”

Funeral arrangements, whether traditional or contemporary, are important. Most people only get one chance to make it meaningful.

The professionals at Dannel Funeral Home appreciate the privilege of assisting you in planning a tribute that fits. Please call 903-893-1171.

*This article originally appeared in Northshore SENIOR Magazine