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Respectfully Nontraditional

Courtesy Dannel Funeral Home, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine

When Kathy Cope died at 70, her family knew they wanted to celebrate her life in a nontraditional way. They sought advice from Pat Dannel at Dannel Funeral Home, wanting to be appropriate in their plans, but also wanting to ensure a vibrant service that reflected Kathy’s exuberant personality.

The result was a single event that combined visitation, service and reception that was later called “The best funeral ever!” by family and friends. “People sometimes feel guilty about having a good time at a funeral,” says family member Deb Boring, “but really, it’s partly a reunion with people who seldom gather in one place, so why not make it personal and loving?”

One way the family honored Kathy was to display meaningful objects and photographs. They included beautiful children’s clothing Kathy had made, mementos from travels, a video of photos set to music, and lots of food. “Bob and Kathy were ‘foodies’, always schmoozing with chefs and enjoying a great meal,” says Boring. The comments we kept hearing were, ‘This is just so Kathy!’”

Family members participated in the service, providing readings and other tributes. They focused on one another because the professionals at Dannel Funeral Home took care of everything else, guiding them through the planning process––listening and offering helpful advice that ensured a “good” funeral. Pat had been to Bob and Kathy’s home when Kathy’s illness progressed and family members spoke of her ability to listen to their ideas and gently lead the way. It was a way to prepare on many levels.

“Charles met with us, too, and took care of the business aspects with such grace and dignity,” says Boring. “His compassion was evident and the staff’s presence throughout was enormously helpful.”

“I remember as a kid hearing my grandmother say, ‘Our family always uses Dannel Funeral Home’,” Boring continues. “At the time, I thought that was an odd thing to say, but now I see why it’s true. It’s a relationship that you build. People go where they feel comfortable––where they feel loved and cared for. The Dannel family has always been there for us.”

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