Defining Your Life – A Living Well Adventure Film

Inspiring Baby Boomer Athletes Compete at the Teva Games

WATCH “DEFINING YOUR LIFE”   The passion to be better, to refresh that deep part of your soul, to awaken, you just never know when it will hit. So when it does be ready.


A Child at Play…

the image my mind always captures when it leaves the task at hand. Maybe that’s because I never want to lose sight of that part of me whether I am being Dad, Husband, Provider or Son. I am sure you know what I mean because you have come to this spot, this idea really, that LIVING WELL has no end.

We are after a life that is not measured solely by the size of a home, a bank account, a check list tidily marked off. I began this endeavor with the hope that touching others with the spirit of that child at play would inspire us all to Live Well by doing what we love the most.

So with that I am going to ask you to join me in a Living Well journey, the first of what I hope will be many. This one finds me in Vail, Colorado one month ago, after I had the realization that I wanted to learn how to become a filmmaker. Really. I saw an ad for the Outside Adventure Film School and knew I wanted to go. Off to the Teva Mountain Games!

4 a.m?

The alarm on my phone wakes me from a deep sleep….”how can it be 4 a.m.?!”

I push myself to the coffee and creamer. I can smell the brisk air of a quiet, high mountain morning through the window. No one walks by. It is that wonderful time in the Colorado high country between ski season and the summer rush to escape the heat.

But these are the Teva Mountain Games and in a few hours 2,600 athletes will be at play and 40,000 will have come to watch them. I am in the chaotic and joyous cocoon of the film school and I am amped. I head out, replaying the footage I shot yesterday in my head, and there it is in front of me…the opening shot of LIVING WELL’S first film, “DEFINING YOUR LIFE”. A mature pine tree, wet with morning dew.

The mist rising off reflected in the sunlight like a life force. “It’s awakening” was my first thought. Like me, like my readers, like the older athletes I have come here to profile, to share with you.

Igniting a Passion:

The passion to be better, to refresh that deep part of your soul, to awaken. You just never know when it will hit. So when it does be ready. Right here, right now in this moment I knew that my original goal of being a student with the Outside Adventure Film School – the intent of documenting baby boomer and senior athletes for our readership – had become so much bigger. The wonderful, inspirational, creative people I was meeting along the way were igniting me, inspiring me, creating my new passion; filmmaking.

Capturing a glimpse into someone’s life is magical and completely unpredictable. Even if just for a moment filmmaking connects you on such a personal level. I will never forget these words from one of my film instructors. She was quoting a famous French film director who, upon being asked why he chose this path, replied “to make time stand still”.

This statement is profound and universal. Don’t we all wish we could freeze a moment in our lives, relive it, savor it….become that child at play once more?

“Defining Their Life”

These athletes, these people you are about to see have designed their lives with purpose and priority. They are choosing, each day, to remain healthy, to laugh often, to move with vitality. And they share this energy with everyone they meet. They can’t help it; it is uncontainable. They have reached out and grabbed the ultimate prize: to Live Well.

Living Well Magazine Founder, Josh Cates
“Capturing a glimpse into someone’s life is magical and completely unpredictable…it connect you on such a personal level.” – Living Well Magazine Founder, Josh Cates, who Produced and Directed “Defining Your Life.