Dental Implants are Truly the Next Best Thing to Your Natural Teeth!

By John Shoemaker, DDS, DICOI, for LIVING WELL Magazine

Imagine biting into a thick juicy steak, nuts, or an apple and being able to smile without worrying about your dentures coming loose! Dental implants can make this possible for you!

Unlike dentures or partials, implant teeth can feel like a permanent part of your mouth. Now you can put an end to the embarrassment, inconvenience and ill-fitting dentures or partials. Even if you have missing or loose teeth, dental implants can solve your dental problems.

Dental implants have many advantages as a supported restoration compared to conventional bridges or dentures. Dentures or partial dentures that sit on top of the gum can wear down the underlying bone over time, affecting the fit and function of the denture. Natural teeth and the supporting bone are designed to work together so that chewing forces are distributed evenly through the bone instead of pressing down on it. The dental implant does what a natural tooth root would do, and channels functional pressures into the bone. Implants help improve and maintain healthy bone. Our bones stay strong by being used. By distributing biting forces through the bone, dental implants stimulate the body’s production of bone marrow, improving the quality and amount of bone. This means a better support for chewing and speaking, and a more natural-looking result. Implants allow crowns, bridges, and dentures to function more like natural teeth. With today’s technologies and techniques, your restoration will look and function just like your natural teeth would. There are no bars visible, and the crowns sit in the socket just like a natural tooth would.

It is important to note that these are artificial tooth roots and teeth need to be cleaned just like your natural teeth do. Food particles and bacteria still need to be brushed and rinsed away regularly.

Karen says, “After my fixed implant bridge I am able to eat anything I want, even tacos! I smile all the time, am able to speak clearly again and am no longer self conscious. Choosing Dr. Shoemaker as my dentist and having implants placed was the right decision for me.”

Gene says, “Since seeing Dr. Shoemaker, I can eat corn on the cob, and apples; really anything I want. Thanks to Dr. Shoemaker’s expertise, experience, and my implants, I smile more often and am enjoying a new self confidence!”

Lee says, “I received excellent care during and after my treatment. I could not have asked for any better concern or care. I smile more now. I like the way my implant supported denture looks. They look very natural. I smile like a Cheshire cat. I am able to eat and my confidence has really improved. I would recommend Dr. Shoemaker and his office to anyone needing dental care. His office is excellent! I am happy and ecstatic with my final product!”

Jean says, “I have more confidence and can eat whatever I want without thinking about it now. The implant has allowed me to keep my smile. The investment of time and money was worth it and I recommend implant dentistry for those who have missing teeth. Dr. Shoemaker and his staff are perfectionists.”

Barbara says, “I am learning to smile again and am feeling more confident. I’m no longer hesitant to smile! I feel like my quality of life is better. I always look forward to my visits with Dr. Shoemaker and his wonderful staff.”

Mark says, “My ability to eat is better after my implants were placed and now I am putting on weight. I believe having implants/teeth that feel like your own are the next best thing to having your own natural teeth. My quality of life is better! I have a wide open smile now! Patients are put first in Dr. Shoemaker’s office and are treated like very important people!”

At Dr. John Shoemaker General, Implant and Cosmetic Dental Office, you can put his 30-plus years of training and expertise to work for you to experience the same kind of service we’ve given our delighted implant/cosmetic and general dentistry patients. Services available at our office include the simplest of implant care to the most complex implant care but also cosmetic, full mouth reconstruction and all forms of general dentistry in one office. If you would like to read more testimonials from Dr. Shoemaker’s delighted patients, visit us at or phone his office at 903-893-7752 for a complimentary 15-minute talking visit.