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Should I Move or Downsize?

By Christine Smart, President of Designing Moves LLC, Linn County LIVING WELL Magazine

The thoughts have danced across your mind…“Should I really move? Maybe we should downsize? Some of this stuff just has to go?” Those thoughts are quickly pushed aside with the reality of seeing too much stuff to deal with. How do you get rid of things, who do you call, is your treasured collection worth anything these days, how in the world would you ever get moved, can I afford it?  Then there is the realization of the cost of continued home repairs and maintenance.

Moving to a continuing-care retirement community (CCRC) is a one-stop move. You are able to move into independent apartments and receive care as you need it through long-term nursing care.  When you compare the costs for staying in your home, which include everything from homeowners insurance, and property taxes, along with various costs like cable, security, and housekeeping, versus the one monthly fee at the CCRC, it makes financial sense to move.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau: Starting this year and through the next 19 years, 11,000 people will turn 65 years old every day. There is a tidal wave of older adults wanting independent and assisted living coming! Currently there is an abundance of independent living apartments, and communities are offering discounts and specials to move in. Take advantage of these offers before supply and demand drive the prices up.

Studies have shown that older adults who move while they are still in control transition better. We have yet to work with a client who enjoys the exhausting process of moving. When our team at Designing Moves LLC provides guidance with decisions and helps with needs, the stress leaves our client’s faces.

Emergency decisions are not always the best and it’s hard to control where you may end up living if you have a fall or sudden illness. Waiting too long to move means someone else will be making the decisions about your treasures, and it may not be what you want!

Many times families don’t live nearby and if they do they are busy with their families and careers. That is where the help of a senior move manager makes the impossible possible. Designing Moves LLC provides solutions to all those questions that glare at you when you open the closet door. We can help you decide what items will fit in your new place, where the best place is to donate or dispose of items, or what items might be worth getting a second opinion on.

We bring peace of mind by handling all the moving day details from directing the movers, to setting up the new home, unpacking and removing boxes, and following up with you to see how you are doing in your new home. We can stop by weeks after the move and take those things that you thought you wanted, but have since decided you would rather live without.

What is the best plan? Start now, one room at a time, one drawer at a time, and begin to sift through your stuff. Get an expert involved who is knowledgeable about antiques, collectibles, etc. Decide now who should inherit grandma’s paintings, the family silver, or the Amana rocker and give the family a written list of these decisions. Find a place you would like to live and let Designing Moves LLC help you move in with your favorite things. Begin to enjoy your new life without the burden of household chores and repairs. Your kids will thank you for it – it’s the best gift you can give yourself and your family!

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