Direct Anterior – A new approach to hip replacement

Direct Anterior – A new approach to hip replacement

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Hip replacement surgery is one of the most successful surgeries performed. With over a quarter million of these surgeries performed annually in the U.S., many peoples lives are being changed every day allowing them to walk, exercise and play without pain. Technological advances in hip replacement surgery give great promise of longer lasting results. Not only have the devices been improved but so have the techniques used to perform the procedure.

Hip replacement surgery, by nature, is major surgery. All methods of replacing the hip joint require the ball and socket joint be surgically removed and reconstructed. Potential complications include but are not limited to infection, blood clots, numbness, dislocations and fractures. The technique used to place the implant may, however, be more or less invasive.

Direct anterior hip replacement is a new surgical approach that offers many advantages when compared to a traditional posterior hip replacement surgery. Although the implant choices are the same for both techniques, the anterior or ‘through the front’ approach has advantages for both the patient and surgeon. Patients have an accelerated recovery with reduced pain and fewer complications such as hip dislocation. The key to this rapid recovery and stable hip centers on the fact that no muscles or tendons are cut or removed during the surgery. This is in direct contrast to traditional hip replacement surgery, which requires cutting through both muscle and tendon making the hip more unstable.

To best perform an anterior approach hip replacement, a specially designed surgical table called the PRO-fx, or hana operating table is essential. These tables allow the precise control over the patient’s hip that typical surgical tables don’t permit. During the procedure, a surgeon uses x-rays to properly place the implants in the exact position. Doing so reproduces the patient’s natural hip anatomy and leg length.

As a result of these benefits, patients are back to golfing, swimming, biking, skiing and other activities in just weeks. Dr. Brian Miller, Dr. Kurtis Staples and Dr. Gil Ortega all have extensive training and experience with direct anterior hip replacement.

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