D'Novo Salon: Why Wig It? LIVING WELL Magazine


Courtesy D’Novo Salon, Northshore LIVING WELL Magazine

The ancient Egyptians started covering their bald heads 3,000 years ago. Fast forward to today and the “alternative hair” market is more popular than ever. Advanced technology, affordability, choices galore, immense popularity, convenience, and sensibility all describe the current demand for hair enhancements, especially the everlasting wig.

The finest salons around the country are recognizing this wonderful trend and are customizing their salons to accommodate the increasing demand. Coupled with the fantastic popularity of hair enhancement in the entertainment industry, celebrities on TV and the movies are also pushing wigs into the “must have” category. And it makes real sense. Wigs are simple to use and they work, period.

Of course, and most importantly, the hair-loss and medical-need markets are demanding quality hair enhancements and consultations from qualified salons that offer guidance, products, fittings and consultative services for these very special clients. No question, wigs work for them; they enhance their image and offer some relief from the demands of their medical needs.

There is a slight catch in all this, but a good one. Hair enhancements, especially wigs, are demanding of professional direction. Cosmetologists with creativity, experience, knowledge, understanding and talent are required when it comes to choosing, cutting, styling, coloring and servicing wigs. The choice of the right professional is critical and once done, it’s all downhill…easy, fun and sensible!

D’NOVO SALON offers the absolute top quality lines of wigs and other hair enhancements and specialize in the matching of the same with the client. With 35 years in the salon business and the highest level of talent and professionalism, D’NOVO is the salon of choice and absolutely guarantees it’s work…just check them out. You will be impressed.

Contact Sandra Dufour at D’Novo Salon. They are located at 306 Dalwill Drive in Mandeville and may be reached at 985-626-0877.