Does Your Bra Fit?

A properly fitting bra flatters appearance and provides comfort.

It has been estimated that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. Many women are not aware that they do not have to endure discomfort from their bras. With a simple fitting at In Care of You, a certified fitter trained by Amoena can recommend which size and style will flatter your appearance and provide the most comfort. Whether or not you have had breast surgery, a good fitting bra is essential for creating symmetry.

To get a good fitting bra you must first start with a good fitting. At In Care of You a certified Amoena fitter will measure and make recommendations for optimum fit and comfort. To assess the fit of the bra, the fitter will evaluate all the components of the bra to see how they match with the wearer’s unique proportions. Among these are:

The Band

The bra band should be snug, but not tight. If the band rides up in the back (the back band belongs level with the front band) this is an indication the bra band is too large.

The Straps

The straps should fit snugly without cutting into the shoulders and sides. Only 10% of the support comes from the straps, Underwire bras will help take some of the pressure off the shoulders and are a great option when fitted properly.

The Cups

The cups should not force the breasts toward the sides or the center. There should be a natural looking separation of the breasts. If the cup is not filled out or if it wrinkles, a smaller size, fiberfill or contour cup may work better. If the breast tissue overflows, a larger cup or a style with more coverage should be suggested.  It is common to be larger on one side than the other; this is where we can help you regain perfect symmetry.

Excerpted with permission from Amoena USA and

Do you know that most insurance companies help pay for bras and prostheses if you have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy? They even help pay if you have had reconstruction and need an enhancer to help with symmetry. In Care of You and Amoena can help you with all of these post mastectomy and lumpectomy products.

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