Dr. M. Viktor Silver: Vast academic knowledge and extensive hands-on experience define the surgeon at the helm of Silver Spine & Neurological Center

Dr. M. Viktor Silver

Vast academic knowledge and extensive hands-on experience define the surgeon at the helm of Silver Spine & Neurological Center.

By Sondra Barr

A double-board certified neurosurgeon by the American Board of Neurological Surgery and by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Dr. M. Viktor Silver’s passion is caring for patients with complex spinal cases. He believes in treating each patient as he would his own family members utilizing his extensive training and cutting-edge technology to deliver ideal results.

A highly versatile surgeon who graduated from one of the largest neurosurgical training centers in North America only to further specialize in the treatment of spine disorders, Dr. Silver is widely recognized as an expert on the latest techniques in spinal surgery. He’s worked on both private and academic neurosurgery, working at the University of Florida Jacksonville as director and founder of the UF Complex Spine Surgery Center and as chief of neurosurgery, helping to establish a level-II trauma center in South Florida affiliated with the University of South Florida and Florida State University. In addition, he’s a sought after teacher, training surgeons, residents, and fellows on the latest techniques in spine surgery.

Growing up, Dr. Silver’s work ethic was readily apparent from a young age. During his formative years, he worked helping his father build the family business. “I was his right hand,” says Dr. Silver. “I worked in the morning and afternoon and studied at night.” It was Dr. Silver’s mother, noting his proclivity for excellence, who suggested the field of medicine. “That was when I decided to become a doctor,” exclaims Dr. Silver.

He approached medicine, as is his style, methodically and with the goal of getting the finest education possible to help him achieve his dream of being a doctor.

Initially, Dr. Silver was planning on becoming a surgeon specializing in epilepsy. It was during his many extra electives in general surgery and trauma that inspired him to combine neurology with surgery. It was this decision that led him to an exchange opportunity to go to Germany after graduating from medical school.

“During my training, I fell in love with the spine,” says Dr. Silver, whose time at The University of Tünbingen, School of Medicine, Katharinen Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany, led to a general surgery internship at McGill University and a neurosurgery residency at the University of Toronto, both in Canada. After that, Dr. Silver completed a Spinal Fellowship for the management of complex spine disorders and minimally invasive spine surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

After 14 years in practice with complex cases and four years working in the Texoma area, Dr. Silver followed in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps by opening up his own center, Silver Spine & Neurological Center.

“Throughout my life, I’ve always developed a business for somebody else. One of my initial jobs was at the University of Florida, where I developed the Comprehensive Spine Center for the University of Florida. Following that, I helped develop a trauma center and surgical program…” explains Dr. Silver, who felt it was time to develop his own institute in the Lone Star State.

He chose it for a number of reasons. “I think Texas is one of the greatest states in the country,” says Dr. Silver. “It’s a very fertile ground for hardworking people,” he says.

Armed with his vast academic knowledge and extensive hands-on experience, he opened Silver Spine & Neurological Center to meet the needs of the Texas community he now calls home. “My goal is to apply the extensive experience and academic training that I have and bring the highest level of care to the communities of Texoma and Collin counties with cutting-edge technologies,” says Dr. Silver.

He firmly believes that his patients deserve an accurate diagnosis and realistic treatment and recovery plans.

“I take a very conservative route, as if I were seeing patients at the university. I give them the non-surgical options first,” explains Dr. Silver. “I treat patients in a comprehensive way, coordinating the care with pain management doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapy clinics. Every patient goes through a step-by-step academic approach. It is only when the non-surgical options fail do they become surgical candidates.”

Recently, Dr. Silver handled the case of a 65-year-old female who’d been to see a number of neurosurgeons and spinal surgeons. “She had a relatively simple problem of a lumbar disc herniation, which was never really diagnosed properly,” describes Dr. Silver. After seeing the patient in his office and personally analyzing her MRI scans, he was able to correlate that with the patient’s clinical symptoms.

“I was able to diagnose a symptomatic disc herniation that was overlooked. We did a very successful outpatient surgery that had a complete resolution of her pain,” says Dr. Silver.

“I had another case, a very complex spinal case, where the patient was turned back by every spine surgeon and I was able to apply minimally invasive spinal techniques using the latest technologies and the patient had a complete resolution of the spinal pain,” he details.

“I’m able to build a trust bond with patients that is unique, while delivering the best surgical results,” describes Dr. Silver. “The primary objective is to understand the patient’s symptoms and signs in the context of a comprehensive diagnosis, to then lay the groundwork for treatment.”

Dr. Silver’s patients benefit greatly from his approach and dedication to his craft.

Take, for instance, another one of Dr. Silver’s cases where his efforts produced astounding results. This patient was a 70-year-old wheelchair-bound man with a large spinal tumor that was causing him to become a paraplegic due to severe spinal cord pressure. Dr. Silver performed a complete resection of the tumor. The patient had a remarkable recovery and is now walking normally.

These are but a few of Dr. Silver’s numerous success stories.

“The key to any business success is to employ the right people. If you’re surrounded by talented people, it makes for a successful combination,” says Dr. Silver. He has four dedicated employees, plus many talented nursing teams at the ready at the surrounding hospitals where he performs surgery.

“I have access to facilities that provide me with the very latest technologies and with the ability to monitor the activity of the spinal cord,” says Dr. Silver, who approaches medicine with the “Do no harm” mantra. “Help patients as much as possible with an honest approach that considers non-surgical options first. That way, a trusting relationship develops with the patient and if no improvement is seen, only then do we do surgery and we do the right one with great results.”

Dr. Silver has happily settled in the McKinney area with his wife, Vivian, and son, Matthew. Among the things he appreciates about the area is that it’s a safe place to raise his son with a Christian upbringing. The family enjoys traveling and going hunting for deer, turkey, and upland bird hunting in Oklahoma and south Texas.

Learn about Dr. Silver’s state-of-the-art office by visiting www.silverneurosurgery.com.