Eliminate the Clutter and Take Back Control

Take a few minutes to mentally walk through every room of your home and think about what it looks like and what you want it to look like. The rooms in our homes have drastically changed over the last few decades. We have (or wish we had) bedrooms like retreats, bathrooms like spas, expensive kitchens that are rarely cooked in, open space living rooms with large flat screen TVs, and home offices with all the latest technology. Yet many times, clutter invades some or all of these spaces infringing on our vision for a dream house.

Our home should be a place of sanctuary for us, a place to escape the demands of the outside world, and who wants to go home only to have feelings of being overwhelmed by our own stuff?

STOP the cycle of chaos and take CONTROL!

When you look at an overwhelming problem that has existed in your life for quite awhile and you want to change it, how do you even know where to begin? The answer is––”Break it Down” and do one thing at a time. This sounds so simple and yet why are we most often unsuccessful? The reason for failure may directly result from not really understanding the correct way to “break it down.”

Consider the following strategies:
• Evaluate the task at hand
• Make a plan
• Break it down into small manageable parts
• Bring in the appropriate labor
• Create spaces for all items to be kept and organized
• Remove unwanted items
• Take a break when necessary
• Stick with it until the task is complete
• Reward a job well done

When you break a job down and tackle it step-by-step in manageable pieces you will gain control and go from chaos to calm. With control over your space you will have peace of mind and create a home that is your sanctuary.