By Wahneta Dimmer, Linn County LIVING WELL Magazine

There are many changes happening around us. We are inundated with stories of manmade and natural disasters. Change is inevitable like the changing of the seasons, the ebb and flow of the tides and the phases of the moon. There are two ways to approach change. You can choose obstructionism and reactionism or you can choose to hold on to your core and your faith and ride the wave. Choose fear or choose love.

Choosing fear and angst about what is happening next keeps you frozen in time, unable to live life to its fullest potential. Fear prevents us from being present and enjoying daily life. It also prevents us from planning for the future. How can manifestation truly happen if focus is on what has gone wrong or what is going wrong? Every difficulty or challenge is a trial of our faith.

Freedom is at our fingertips. Gratitude is the key. Being thankful for the beauty around us, in the simplicity of daily life and the complexity of all creation builds the frequency of love eliminating fear from our lives. Being grateful for every experience allows us to find valuable lessons to be learned from each interaction.

How do you handle the seemingly unexpected? What can Mother Earth teach us about daily life? Mother Earth has withstood millions of years of change, monumental change with continental shifts, moving mountains and oceans, life and death. And yet, a new day dawns, the clouds part, the sun rises again and everything is ok. We may not know exactly what ok looks like, but we can be assured that everything will be ok. The future will be more beautiful than we can imagine! That is truly faith at its core.

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