Funerals During a Pandemic

Courtesy Dannel Funeral Home

The pandemic changed how we live. And, to an extent, how we honor those who die. Funeral services have been postponed. Small groups gather at the graveside. Visitation plans are sometimes canceled. However, there are ways to continue the time-honored traditions that bring such comfort to family and friends.

You can still hold a funeral at a church. You can still observe a traditional burial. You can still host a visitation. If you’re a friend of the family, you can still attend services and express sympathy to the family. Adjustments align with CDC, federal and state guidelines. The professionals at Dannel Funeral Home take their responsibility for safety precautions seriously. They are helping families and visitors observe meaningful ceremonies and celebrations that honor and appreciate loved ones.

“There is enormous value in coming together––even with social distancing––during times of loss,” says Charles Dannel, owner of Dannel Funeral Home in Sherman. “Sympathy can be expressed while wearing a mask. Condolences can be shared without hugging. The important thing is not to let fear prevent us from reaching out.”

“There’s no pause button for grief,” Charles continues. “You can’t postpone strong emotions. Grieving is something we do together. Closeness can be experienced, even in these challenging times.”

Utilizing appropriate precautions, like hand-washing, wearing masks, and avoiding crowding, can allow for well-planned gatherings. At Dannel Funeral Home, rooms are disinfected several times a day, the number of people in the building are monitored closely, and the staff provide guidance to help ensure safe conditions.

Additionally, Dannel Funeral Home can record funerals or offer live streaming. Plans and pre-plans can largely be managed, if desired, via telephone conversations.

“For most of us, there is a tremendous need to memorialize and honor the life of a loved one,” Charles says. “That didn’t go away because of the pandemic. It’s one way we find those anchors to cling to, realizing that people still care, that life has meaning, that there is love out there. Services are one way to let that love in. And begin to heal.”