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Super Bowl 2019

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Have you ever dreamed of attending the Super Bowl? Most football fans have, even if their favorite team isn’t playing. The event transcends the sport of football and is an experience like none other. Golden Tickets specializes in tickets for the Super Bowl and has been making those dreams come true for the past 30 years for thousands of individuals and companies.

Golden Tickets, based in Plano, has been selling tickets on the secondary ticket market since 1988. Golden Tickets sells tickets to the Super Bowl and other major events such as Masters, Kentucky Derby, World Series, Summer Games and the World Cup. They have earned their reputation for honesty, integrity and accountability in the manner in which they conduct business.

There is a lot of information fans should know about buying Super Bowl tickets before they book their trip. The outstanding sales team at Golden Tickets is standing by to make your experience the best it can be.

How much are the current prices for Super Bowl tickets?
At the time of this article, the prices run from $4,750.00 to $17,500.00.

Is now a good time to buy your tickets or do prices get lower as the game gets closer?
Since tickets to the Super Bowl are a commodity (meaning they are not for sale to the general public), the prices will fluctuate based on supply and demand. We have seen prices plummet during the last Super Bowl in Atlanta when an ice storm hit two days before the games. We have also seen prices skyrocket during the Super Bowl in Phoenix a few years ago. At that time, prices for end zone tickets were $8,000.00 and up. So, the REAL answer is that we never really know. Golden Tickets bases their prices on the current market value and changes with the market. Ultimately, the customer must decide when the time is right for them.

Golden Tickets also has a Tour department where complete packages for the Super Bowl can be purchased. These packages include the tickets, hotel rooms, tailgate parties, rental cars and/or transfers. Each of these components can be purchased separately as well.

Regarding Tailgate Parties, Golden Tickets has created a new brand for our Super Bowl Tailgate party called The Blitz Tailgate Party. This year it will be held at the famous Hard Rock Café located near the Mercedes Benz Stadium. The party is for four hours prior to the game and includes an all-you-can-eat buffet, premium liquor, beer and wine, NFL players, music and much more. The price of the party if $475 per person. Tickets may be purchased for other Super Bowl parties as well and will be listed on our website as they become available.

The atmosphere in the city is a big part of the entire Super Bowl experience. There is a lot of energy in the city. Fans are dressed up in their game gear all weekend; the hotels, bars and restaurants are decorated in festive Super Bowl team colors. It is very likely that you might run into past and present NFL players and other celebrities. Many people enjoy going from hotel to hotel to hang out in the lobby and see who they might see. Have a sharpie pen on hand for those autographs!

The Super Bowl was our biggest event for our first 20 years in the business. However, for the last 10 years, the Masters has been our biggest event. We have a huge presence in Augusta. Besides Golden Tickets, we have our own Hospitality house called The 1018 Club and a home rental business called Diamond Home Rentals.

Please check out each of our websites for pricing and more information.