Hear Well on Windy Days

Courtesy HearCare and Associates

Imagine the benefits of wearing hearing aids on the windiest days so you enjoy conversations and other sounds no matter what the weather.

Welcome the new technology! It enables your hearing aids to adjust to your environment, including windy conditions outside, taking wind protection to the next level. There’s a new component called SMARTWIND Manager™ that helps people outdoors––jogging, golfing, boating––wherever you find wind noise. It removes wind sounds based on calculations from two microphone inputs.

“The wind reduction system not only addresses wind noise, it improves your ability to understand speech,” says Kenneth Sheppard, Jr., Licensed Fitter and Dispenser of Hearing Instruments (LFDHI) and co-owner of HearCare and Associates in Sherman. “Obviously you can’t understand what you can’t hear!”

In the world of audiology, every sound has its own “recipe.” And the more lifelike the sound, the easier it is to hear. Additionally, you get a more natural sound and comfortable listening experience without ever having to touch your hearing aid. “WIDEX technology can automatically identify the type of sound situation you’re in, adjusting accordingly and delivering optimal sound, indoors and out,” Kenneth continues.

With custom preferences, you choose. You can select interactive options that help you intuitively shape your listening experience. Or let the astounding new technology automatically make hearing aid adjustments for you, setting the optimal sound for different environments.

The quality of your hearing experience evolves in real time and in real life. Because the sounds you’re exposed to are always changing, the latest technology is intuitive enough to filter in noisy environments and allow subtle details in quiet situations. Every sound, like the trickle of water or the crunch of leaves under your feet, has its own nuances. And the more lifelike the sound, the easier it is to hear.

While the technical WOW Factor is almost mind-boggling, Jill Sheppard, B.S., SLP/Audiology, LFDHI, and co-owner of HearCare, reminds us that the patient experience depends on exceptional customer care and a lifetime of service. “Our patients tell us we make it easy and even fun,” says Jill. “When you can hear better, you’re more likely to enjoy life because you’re not having to work so hard to participate. You have less listening fatigue and enjoy better speech understanding. Just being able to hear your granddaughter’s voice again is a remarkable achievement for those who have been missing out on the simple pleasures of life.”

By the way, hearing loss is sometimes considered a condition that affects only senior adults. But it can occur at any age and there are multiple causes besides aging, including prolonged exposure to noise, certain types of disease, some medications, and even hereditary factors. Untreated, hearing loss can get worse.

A hearing evaluation at HearCare is easy, painless, non-threatening, and informative. After an initial interview, your ears are checked, followed by a state-of-the-art hearing test in a booth with glass “windows” so you can see into the room. Afterward, you’ll be given the results immediately (Kenneth likes to draw pictures!) so you better understand your hearing loss––if any––and what will work for you.

“I’ll be the first to tell you if you don’t need a hearing aid,” says Kenneth. “You deserve to hear as well as you possibly can, and if you can benefit from a hearing aid, I’ll talk with you honestly about your situation and recommend options that would best fit your hearing loss, lifestyle, and your budget.”

What’s different about HearCare? Some would say the Sheppards themselves, who offer extraordinary customer care, as well as the highest level of products and services available anywhere. And they do so with integrity, knowledge, kindness, and a terrific sense of humor.

Additionally, HearCare can fit you with all major brands of hearing aid, unlike some clinics owned by specific hearing aid manufacturers. Patients appreciate the “gift of time” that HearCare provides, allowing them to learn, experience, and make good decisions about their hearing health.

“Nothing sounds as good as what God gave you,” says Kenneth, smiling. “We want to work with the ability you have to hear natural sounds and then leverage that with the finest technology available and the earnest desire to help you hear well again.”

Did you know May is Better Hearing Month? It’s the perfect time to learn about the opportunities available to you. It’s about your hearing, yes. It’s also about your life.

Intelligent hearing technology is here. And you’re ready.

For more information, call HearCare at 903-868-2650.