Hearing Aids Belong in Your Ears

Hearing Aids Belong in Your Ears

Courtesy HearCare and Associates

We all know people who don’t wear their hearing aids, relegating their devices to the bedside table drawer. There is little more discouraging than investing in hearing aids that don’t help. At HearCare & Associates, we want to help you avoid the problems that can sometimes occur when purchasing hearing aids, so you can be one of those people who enjoys wearing their hearing aids and benefitting from the wondrous ability to hear well again.

The Facts

First, the facts: You can get “big box store” hearing aids. You can get them from “Buying Groups, which may be a requirement of your insurance policy. This can limit the number of services you receive and type of hearing aids you purchase.

You can get them from an ad in a magazine or an internet site. Two cautions:

  1. Some devices are simply sound amplifiers.
  2. Some websites will attach to you instantly, following up with multiple phone calls, screen pop-ups, or endless emails.


Your primary concern may be cost. There are a lot of discounted devices, but sometimes those offers don’t really provide the advantages you want. For instance, while you may be given a test period through your buying group, you will be required to pay up front. At HearCare, your “test drive” is free, before you pay anything for your new hearing aids.


“My objective is not to sell you a hearing aid,” says Kenneth Sheppard, Jr., Licensed Fitter and Dispenser of Hearing Instruments (LFDHI). “In fact, if you don’t need help, I’ll be the first to tell you! We want whatever is best for you. If you do need a hearing aid, we’ll talk with you about all your options and will find a solution that fits your budget.”

Kenneth and Jill Sheppard, B.S. SLP/Audiology, LFDHI, own HearCare, which has been serving the North Texas area for over 40 years. They are successful because of their extraordinary expertise and their generous approach to exemplary customer care. You’ll see it in a variety of ways, but for now, if you call and explain your situation or ask your questions, they’ll talk with you with no obligation whatsoever. Right away, you’ll get a sense of what it’s like to be a valued HearCare customer.

“We understand that hearing loss is a very personal circumstance,” says Jill. “We’ll work with you, helping you understand exactly what your situation is, telling you what options are available. We’ll be here for you, to answer questions or help ensure that you’re happy with your ability to hear well again.”

The ability to hear has benefits beyond simply following conversations. Your brain needs to be stimulated by clear sounds at least eight hours a day to maintain a high level of speech recognition, according to published studies by John Hopkins Medicine.

“Different kinds of hearing loss require different solutions,” Kenneth says. “We find the root of your hearing difficulty and treat it in a way that meets your individual preferences and lifestyle, as well as your budget.” Kenneth explains that your work and home environment are important considerations, as well as whether you like to hear crisp, distinctive sounds or prefer more rounded, muted tones. It can make the difference in whether your hearing aid is worn daily to enhance your life, or whether it ends up in the bedside drawer.

HearCare’s audiologist sees patients at both the Sherman and Gainesville locations. Together, the team provides knowledge, compassion and experience, with integrity and good humor. “Nothing sounds as good as what God gave you,” says Kenneth, smiling. “We want to work with the ability you have to hear natural sounds and then leverage that. We’ll ensure that you have the time and information you need to make the best decision for you.”

How you buy your hearing aids is as important as where you buy them. It’s about more than just the device itself, or even the investment required. It can affect how easily and comfortably you can hear; how joyfully you can participate.

Begin your information search at HearCare and Associates. It’s an important first step that can have enormous benefits. For your hearing. For your life. Kenneth and Jill invite you to call 903-868-2650 or visit www.hearcareinc.com today.