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Hearing with Style

Courtesy HearCare & Associates, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine

It’s true. Hearing aids have become cool, trendy, fashionable. Partly, it’s because of the digital technology that allows a hearing device to do so much more than simply clarify sound. It’s also the appeal of new ultra-sleek models that come in vibrant colors or even zebra stripes.

It’s about time. With one in five people over the age of 25 experiencing some form of hearing loss, there are over 28 million Americans who deserve sound solutions to their hearing problems. No longer willing to be sidelined by the array of problems loss of hearing can present, more and more people are choosing to “stay in the game” with hearing instruments customized to fit preferences, lifestyle and budget.

Kenneth Sheppard, Licensed Fitter and Dispenser of Hearing Aids, and owner of HearCare & Associates in Sherman and Gainesville, talks about the new buzz word in hearing instruments: Bluetooth™. “Wireless capacity allows you to stream audio into both ears at the same time, which is a dynamic change in the industry. It goes beyond allowing people to hear crystal clear, undisrupted sounds. Now we can specifically program the hearing aid to fit each individual’s needs.

“You know, hearing is like a painting,” Kenneth continues. “I may look at it and say that it’s a beautiful painting, while you may think the same painting is awful. People’s perceptions and preferences are different. You may like hearing things in a way that is sharp and crisp, while your neighbor might prefer to hear softly and more rounded. High-performance hearing aids have an advanced sound processing architecture that can be programmed to your sound preferences. We have the technology to match how you want to hear with the instrument that will help you achieve exactly that.”

It’s a giant leap forward. Engineered for optimal performance, the newest innovative hearing aids come with a high-speed processing chip that works in harmony with your brain so you can hear voices and other sounds more clearly. They can differentiate to the point that it protects speech information and reduces distortion. They allow you to hear in 3-D so you can follow conversations that come from different directions. They automatically select the best high performance directional mode for you, and adjust smoothly as you turn from one conversation to another. And they virtually eliminate whistling and howling noises in the background.

With a Bluetooth™-compatible hearing device, you can turn your hearing aid into the world’s smallest wireless headset, so you can wirelessly connect to your smart phone, landline, television, mp3 player, or any Bluetooth™-enabled device with an audio output.

Technology has evolved to the point where the days of putting off getting your hearing tested are over. Once, people didn’t want to know about a hearing loss, but today there is excitement about the benefits contemporary new devices offer. The size and shape of hearing instruments are stylish and comfortable, with many so small they are almost invisible. Of course, there are some people who appreciate the fashion aspect and want their hearing “accessories” to be gloriously visible.

“While many people prefer the very small devices that are almost invisible, a growing number of our patients enjoy the brightly colored and patterned models that definitely make a fashion statement,” says HearCare and Associates owner, Jill Sheppard, B.S., SLP/Audiology, Licensed Fitter and Dispenser of Hearing Instruments. “The important thing is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ and we will not only assess your hearing, but learn about you, so that we can make recommendations about the product and options that suit your lifestyle.”

HearCare & Associates carries a variety of manufacturers’ products so that you can choose from among the highest industry standards. You’ll want to try them out while at HearCare, so you can experience the difference it makes to hear well.

Hearing assessments are quick and painless. Their professional team of experts utilizes a variety of diagnostic tools to identify options that provide you with maximum results. They guarantee the exact fitting and programming of every hearing system they dispense. It’s personalized customer service that creates long-term relationships between staff and those they serve.

“We want you to enjoy every moment with family and friends,” Jill says. “We understand that any hearing loss is deeply personal, so we’ll take the time to get to know you and learn what matters to you. It’s a vital link in helping you hear well.”

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