Two Hospitals in One Location––Carrus Hospitals

Two Hospitals in One Location 

Courtesy Carrus Hospitals, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine

Carrus Hospitals are two physician-owned facilities in one state-of-the-art building located on Highway 82 West in Sherman. Carrus was developed to accommodate patients and assist families in a welcoming atmosphere intended to minimize stress and create opportunities for healing. Private rooms and beautiful courtyards enhance patient comfort and accommodate family needs.

Carrus Specialty Hospital

Carrus Specialty Hospital is a long-term acute care facility (LTAC) offering intensive care for those with complex medical needs. Many patients are referred from a traditional hospital so that they can experience the benefits of multidisciplinary treatments in a carefully structured, individualized treatment program for a longer time.

Patients come to Carrus Specialty Hospice with many different needs. For example, some patients may be ventilator dependent, others recovering from surgery or a stroke, and others who require extensive wound care.

Carrus Rehabilitation Hospital

Carrus Rehabilitation Hospital provides in-patient physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services, as well as out-patient services. Patients often come to Carrus after knee or hip replacement surgery or following an injury. Others move to the rehabilitation side of the hospital after being in the specialty hospital, enjoying a continuity of care customized for each patient.

Carrus also offers a number of outpatient services for sleep studies, infusion therapy, or CT scans. A convenient option, Carrus has up-close parking and minimal wait times.

Invitation to Carrus Hospitals

It can be an important advantage to be close to home, even if the patient was hospitalized in another city. Simply request a call to the Carrus clinical hospital liaison at 903-870-2699. Physicians can refer or patients and families can request Carrus services. Carrus can facilitate a transfer, assisting with transportation and post-discharge needs.


You are invited to visit Carrus Hospitals. Contact 903-870-2600 to arrange a tour.


Carrus Specialty Hospital is licensed by the state of Texas and the Texas Department of Health & Human Services. It is accredited by DNV. A complete list of all physician investors is available by calling 903-870-2746. Carrus is an equal opportunity employer. Most services are paid for by Medicare or private insurance.