How Safe Do You Feel?

How Safe Do You Feel?

By Chelsea Smith of Family Care and Concierge Services

We all have heard the expression, “In the comfort of your own home.” This phrase makes one think about the warmth, coziness and safety we all feel in our own private residence. We take precautions to guard against outside intruders by securing locks on our doors and windows. We safeguard against fire by installing smoke detectors, and we insure our property and lives by purchasing insurance.

But, what if the peril exists within our very being? Each year, thousands of people die unnecessarily in their own homes, not just from accidents, but from a lack of trained and proper medical personnel responding when unexpected acute illness occurs. If you were home alone and a heart attack suddenly occurred, being able to summon help as quickly as possible could be the difference between survival or not. Unfortunately, acute onset emergencies do not always occur when you are near a telephone.

Now, it is not necessary to use a phone to alert friends and loved ones when you need help right away. Imagine pushing one button resulting in phone calls automatically being made to up to four people whom you have designated in advance. Additionally, the calls can be routed to the next designee if the first does not answer.

Imagine the peace of mind of knowing when help arrives, and if you are no longer conscious, that all of your medical information is easily accessible by plugging in a single device that you always have on your person. And, imagine being able to be found easily if you should suddenly become disoriented while alone and away from your home.

All of this is available and can secure that comfortable feeling you need simply by accessing the services of just one company. Additionally, you can add the convenience of a professional caregiver who will spend whatever amount of time is necessary to help you set up and learn how to access all of these services. All of this is available at an amazingly affordable price.

However, a sad truth is that many people who know technology exists to make their lives safer will fail to take advantage of the very thing that could make a huge difference in their lives. Don’t be mislead by thinking tragedy only happens to other people. Plan ahead and protect yourself and those you love.

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