How to be Present for Someone Grieving When it’s Physically Impossible.

By Amber Grubb

Grief is a very lonely journey that many people travel at some point in their lives. Even when others are “there,” it doesn’t always feel like it. As friends or family who want to support someone on the desolate road called grief, it’s difficult in the best circumstances. When you can’t physically be there with them, whether it’s due to a pandemic or not, it becomes even more challenging. Often hugs or merely sitting in the same room with someone can do more than any words, but when touch isn’t an option, try something else.

The simplicity of mailing a card or handwritten letter should not be dismissed quickly! People who are sad and grieving do not need you to give them the most memorable words of wisdom ever written; simply writing, “I love you, and I’m thinking of you” can make all the difference. Physical mail usually only consists of advertisements or bills, so just getting a lovely note from a friend when they least expect it can brighten their day!

Call them and send simple texts, letting them know you are thinking of them. Send a sympathy gift, like their favorite snacks, comfy socks, or a good book. Not everything has to address their loss or grief directly, but make sure you’re not avoiding it or seem to be pushing them to “move on.” They will understand when you remind them that you are thinking of them.

One thing that can be of great comfort is compiling photos and stories of the deceased and sending them to the bereaved. You will most likely have photos they have never seen and memories they have never known. This is a unique gift that they will cherish for a lifetime.
If you or your friends need help in working through their grief, at Home Hospice, we can help––just give us a call at 903-868-9315 or 940-665-9891, we’re always here.