The Importance of Exercise for Seniors––Rambling Oaks Courtyard Assisted Living Residence

The Importance of Exercise for Seniors

Courtesy of Rambling Oaks Courtyard Assisted Living Residence, Denton County LIVING WELL Magazine

Most seniors believe that if they start a new exercise program they are at increased risk for falls. The opposite is found to be true. Statistics indicate, the more you exercise the less likely you are to have falls. Before beginning an exercise program it’s important to check with your physician.

The CDC reports, one out of three seniors over the age 65 suffer a traumatic fall, accounting for the largest cause of death among seniors. With routine exercise, falls and injuries can be prevented. Simple exercises are often the most effective, such as housecleaning, climbing stairs, and walking.

According to the National Institute on Aging, seniors 80 years of age or older can exchange their walkers for a cane in as little as 10 weeks with simple muscle building exercises. Starting with a light weight lifting regimen can increase muscle mass, leading to an increased ability to stand and walk for longer periods of time.

According to AARP, 40% of people ages 45-64 are considered to live a sedentary lifestyle. For seniors over the age of 64, the percentage of those living a sedentary lifestyle increases to 60%. These seniors have a higher risk of falling, obesity, and heart disease. Engaging in exercise can help improve memory, brain health, and overall fitness.

Studies have shown that complex mental training increases both whole brain and regional blood flow across the brain. Among seniors 50 years old or older, staying mentally sharp out-weighs both social security and physical health as a top priority.

At Rambling Oaks, we offer programs that exercise all aspects of the body. The community develops a monthly activities calendar, which incorporates a morning exercise program, playing games such as clue, and working puzzles. In addition, we offer our residents Bible study and church services throughout the week. For many, exercising their spiritual side is often the easiest to do. At Rambling Oaks your loved is encouraged to incorporate all areas of exercise throughout their daily routine.