Is MLS Laser Therapy for You?

Courtesy Southwest Foot and Ankle Center

Foot and Ankle Center is proud to be one of the few practices in the country offering MLS Laser Therapy for all foot and ankle issues. It is an FDA-approved treatment for foot and ankle injuries, pain, and other conditions.

What is MLS Laser Therapy?

MLS Laser Therapy is a new therapy used to treat inflammation, pain, edema, and many other conditions that Dr. Reza Mobarak has been treating on hundreds of patients. This therapy uses pulsed laser emission that allows faster healing and allows patients to resume their normal activities in no time. There is no need for any surgical or invasive treatments once undergoing these laser procedures.

Dr. Mobarak has treated a wide variety of diagnosis with this laser treatment and has healed many patients with pain, edema, inflammation, sprains, and many other foot and ankle conditions. Patients have come from all over the Metroplex to Southwest Foot and Ankle Center hoping to save themselves from injections and even surgical intervent Southwest ions. Although Dr. Mobarak performs many surgeries, MLS Laser Therapy has prevented some surgeries for some patients.

Dr. Mobarak explains to his patients that the course of treatment is six- to -eight treatments of laser therapy for a period of three- to -four weeks. It is FDA-approved for all of the conditions he treats. The treatment is completely painless and takes a matter of minutes to perform under no anesthesia at all.

MLS Laser Therapy uses pulsed dye lasers in different wavelengths, allowing various therapeutic effects that decrease inflammation, edema, and pain within 24 hours. Indications for MLS Laser Therapy include: trauma (sprains and strains), degenerative illnesses, inflammatory conditions, edema (swelling), and treatments of superficial lesions.

Dr. Mobarak is very proud to provide MLS Laser Therapy for wound care as well. He has been using this therapy for many diabetics and non diabetics in healing wounds in a very short time. No treatment was previously available to heal the wounds that Dr. Mobarak has healed in such a short time. Many patients have come to Dr. Mobarak with the mentality of having a wound not healing. After four weeks of MLS Laser Therapy, 90% of his wounds have healed.

Hundreds of patients have come to Dr. Mobarak for MLS Laser Therapy and have experienced extraordinary results. To experience MLS Laser Therapy or to find out more about this treatment not offered by many physicians, contact Southwest Foot and Ankle Center today at 972-316-0902 or visit their website at