Is Your Mouth Getting You Into Trouble?

Oral health is paramount to systemic health.

At times, our mouths get all of us into trouble, yet current research shows very clearly the deadly links between systemic health and oral health.

 How are oral health and systemic health related?
 The mouth is a window to the rest of the body. In addition to dentally related conditions like oral cancer, dentists are often the first to detect other serious diseases like diabetes and sleep apnea. Tests now enable dentists to determine risk factors for periodontal disease before it starts, and also to evaluate your body’s response to inflammation (critical information for your cardiologist) and diabetes risk factors.

Can gum disease really effect the heart and entire cardiovascular system?
 Gum disease is an immune response to a chronic infection. Similar to other serious    infections, if untreated, the bacteria can find their way into the blood stream and cause irritation and damage to the blood vessels, elevating risk to beyond that of a smoker. Modern tests, knowledge and laser treatment can make treatment comfortable, predictable and affordable.

What about Sleep Apnea, how can my dentist help?
Sleep apnea is a condition that deprives the body of needed oxygen due to a sleep disorder. It is a silent epidemic that is more deadly and common than the public realizes. Your dentist should be trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of this disease, and make appropriate referrals. Oral appliances can often be used to comfortably treat this condition rather than a CPAP mask.