The Joy of Hearing Well Again

Courtesy HearCare, Inc. & Associates

Bill wasn’t adept at gatherings because he usually avoided them. However, this was an important occasion. He wanted to be there. He needed to be there! Standing to one side, Bill observed people moving easily around the room, greeting old friends and introducing themselves to others. Amidst the sounds of voices laughing and talking, Bill smiled and nodded. Everything seemed especially noisy.

A friend spotted him and strode confidently across the room, eager to learn about his progress on a project of mutual interest. Bill carefully leaned in to hear her enthusiastic inquiries, turning his head to one side to better capture her words. When she paused, he began talking, watching her face for clues that what he was saying fit what she had asked. Like a game with rules both knew, but dreaded, she began to speak louder. He fought panic, working to respond appropriately, but able to tell from the look of surprise (even confusion) on her face that he was missing the mark.

Soon, she looked him in the eye and spoke her good-byes with exaggerated mouth movement before stepping away, and he knew the exchange had reached its inevitable conclusion, both participants weary of trying so hard to conduct a conversation so simple.

Bill was exhausted by the effort of hearing.

When fewer sounds reach your brain, it has to work extra hard to make sense of what you can hear, especially when sounds come from different directions. Additionally, hearing loss limits what the brain receives, making it harder to decode sound. Rebalancing sounds makes them more distinct and easier to recognize, helping you focus by separating relevant sounds from competing ones. That ability frees your brain to store and recall information with greater ease.

“When you can hear better, you’re more likely to enjoy activities with family and friends because you’re not having to work so hard to participate,” says Jill Sheppard, B.S., SLP/Audiology, Licensed Fitter and Dispenser of Hearing Instruments (LFDHI) and owner of HearCare, Inc. & Associates in Sherman. “The latest digital hearing aids are programmed to your individual hearing needs and preferences so you have less listening fatigue and enjoy better speech understanding.”

According to a survey of first-time users of the Oticon Opn™, people not only report better hearing with less effort, but they remember more of what they hear. It’s groundbreaking technology that lets you differentiate between sounds so they become more audible and comfortable, preserving mental energy.

It’s important to have your hearing evaluated by professionals because different kinds of hearing loss require different solutions. The process at HearCare, Inc. & Associates has been called easy, simple, painless, non-threatening, informative, and even fun. After an initial interview, your ears are checked, followed by a hearing test. The results are immediately available. At that time, options are provided, with thoughtful attention to the kind of “hearing person” you are. (Some people like sharp, distinct sounds and others prefer rounder, more muted tones.) Your lifestyle is also a consideration.

“You don’t have to make a decision in a hurry,” says Kenneth Sheppard, Jr., LFDH at HearCare, Inc. & Associates. “We give you the gift of time to think about what you’ve learned and what will work for you. After a week or two come back in and we’ll find the best solutions for you at a price you can afford. And you’ll have another two weeks as a trial period to ‘test drive’ your new hearing aids in your environment.”

Kenneth speaks frankly about buying options available today. “People need to be aware that hearing devices they buy from an ad in the back of a magazine aren’t hearing aids. They’re amplification mechanisms that simply turn up all sounds without distinction or preference. Louder isn’t clearer! It’s why those devices aren’t often worn.”

Instead of shopping for hearing aids, shop for expertise instead. The professionals at HearCare, Inc. & Associates have been serving Texoma for over 36 years. They provide knowledge, compassion and experience, and do so with integrity and good humor. “We going to be with you every step of the way,” says Jill. “We carry all manufacturer’s models, so you’ll have a broad range of choices. Additionally, we provide a lifetime of generous customer care. We want you to be excited with your ability to hear well again.”

Note that HearCare gladly works with buying groups and staff will explain the unique circumstances and conditions around those purchases so you understand the process prior to selection.

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