Juston Dobbs, MBA, CDFA, CFP

You’ve worked hard. You recognize the value of setting financial goals, of saving money, of developing a strategic approach to help maximize your investment efforts. You know the “right” things to do, but maybe you’ve been too busy to find a financial advisor with the experience and expertise to help you achieve your objectives. Or maybe you’ve sought help in the past, but didn’t feel you got the attention or consistent communications you desired.

“Your comfort level with your financial advisor is critically important,” said Juston Dobbs, MBA, CDFA®, CFP®, Managing Director – Investments at Dobbs Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors in Sherman. “You want to be assured about the advisor’s credentials and background, but also you’ll want to find a good fit. Is the advisor relatable? Does he or she communicate well? Are your individual needs considered and addressed to your satisfaction? Look for proven skills and transparency. Understand how your advisor gets paid. The fiduciary relationship is a crucial aspect of working together.”

Juston, a financial advisor for over 20 years, and his wife, Amber, lead the team of Dobbs Wealth Management. “Seeing our clients meet their investment goals is how we view our success,” Juston said. “My experience with market fluctuations gives me a perspective that can enhance a client’s comfort level with staying the course based on their aspirations and circumstances. I take the faith placed in me seriously, always acting in the best interest of clients.”

Sound investment plans are designed to help meet specific goals, such as paying for college or retirement, but also to help weather unexpected life circumstances. There are variables unique to you, as well as the market. That’s one reason having a good relationship with your financial advisor can bring added confidence.

The Process is Important

The first step at Dobbs Wealth Management is an introductory meeting. “Let’s get to know one another so we can decide together if we’re a good fit,” said Juston. “I start by listening. Understanding your priorities. Answering your questions. Hearing your concerns. Sharing our process. Every client is unique and there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all with investment planning.”

On your second visit, you’ll provide complete information about your assets, prioritizing your goals. You and Juston will examine your resources, identify gaps, and discuss options for paying yourself first. “Many people begin to feel an enormous sense of relief that they’re about to get on track to do what they need to do rather than simply talking about it,” Juston said. “It’s an opportunity to clarify where you are and where you want to be within an estimated timeframe – to imagine your future self and take the necessary steps to make that a reality. We identify what’s important to you, what your life situation is, and how to plan for financial growth, as well as considering how your life insurance, wills, savings accounts and other assets fit within your plan.”

During the third meeting, your detailed plan is presented and discussed. It’s a thorough and easy-to-understand document, personalized with charts and graphs illustrating where you are and options to help you achieve your goals within your comfortable risk tolerance. Amber will schedule periodic meetings to keep you apprised of your progress. “Your investment plan is unique to you and can be readjusted, if necessary,” Juston said. “There are those who think of returns in a straight line, but, like life, there are fluctuations. Sometimes critical financial events take place in peoples’ lives, like a divorce or the death of a spouse, and we want to help clients plan for the unplanned, rather than having to react in haste.”

What’s the Biggest Mistake You Can Make?

According to Juston, not having a plan is where many fall short. He says people often mean to get started on a wise investment plan, but don’t devote the time to begin.
Juston will coach you through decisions such as making Roth contributions, maximizing your 401K, building an emergency savings account, and reminding you to update your will.
“We’ll help you with every step,” Juston said. “We’ve had clients who put off strategic investing because, despite running a successful business for years, they said they simply didn’t get around to it until they realized they needed a plan and someone to assist them along the way and hold them accountable for their decisions.

“One of the things we’re really good at is gentle reminders to do all the things you said you wanted to do. We help keep you on track; we’re easy to talk with and accessible. That’s one of the benefits of Dobbs Wealth Management. We’re available to you. We know you. We are interested in you and what’s important in your life. We are on this journey with you and we want you to meet your goals.”

Three Important Factors

Engage an advisor you trust; one who is interested in you, your family and your goals, and will supply you with a sound investment plan tailored to you, based on a detailed account of all your finances.

The relationship must go beyond buy and sell. You need to feel comfortable with your plan, knowing there is a valid reason behind the decisions made – understanding the big picture. Juston, supported by a team of Wells Fargo Investment Institute analysts and strategists, can help you chart your progress through variables unique to you as well as to the market and encompassing all aspects of your investment picture.

Have a plan that fits. It’s critical for decision-making. And it keeps you from having knee-jerk reactions. A financial advisor you trust provides a helpful buffer, a guide based on historical performance and how that may affect you.

Consider Leadership and Community Involvement

Demonstrated leadership reflects a commitment to service beyond work, and both Juston and Amber are active volunteers in Texoma. Juston, who currently serves on the Sherman City Council, has been involved with numerous boards and organizations including the Sherman Economic Development Corporation, the Sherman ISD Board, the Sherman Chamber of Commerce, and the Wilson N. Jones Foundation. “It’s an honor to work together with diverse groups to reach common goals,” Juston said. “I bring the same skills of careful consideration and thoughtful decision-making to the client relationship. It’s a commitment I believe in and one our clients appreciate.”

What Works for You

Your financial future starts with a conversation. You deserve the assurance that your financial wellbeing is a priority; that your advisor is accessible and communicates frequently, providing you with periodic reviews and addressing your questions or concerns.
Juston can provide you with the attention you expect and deserve. Dobbs Wealth Management services include asset management, insurance protection, social security, retirement, budgeting, tax considerations, savings, college funds, debt reduction, and investments. Additionally, Juston is a Certified Divorce Financial Planner (CDFP®), helping clients navigate the complicated financial issues divorce may involve.

Life is busy, but your financial wellbeing should be a top priority. Dobbs Wealth Management offers you advice and guidance – a roadmap to help you feel more comfortable about your financial outlook. “We’ll talk together, listen to one another, and develop a plan to help manage day-to-day needs while staying on the path toward where you want to be in the future,” Juston said.

“Some of our clients tell us they simply don’t worry about their financial investments now that we’ve developed a sound investment plan together,” he continued. “We hope many of our clients are reassured by our thoughtful process and the fact that their plans are just that – theirs, tailored to their lifestyle and their goals. If you think we might be a good solution for you, please give us a call.”

The time to get started is now. You can reach Juston and Amber at 903-893-6682. www.justondobbs.com

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