How to Keep Elderly Minds Sharp

Courtesy of Visiting Angels

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a proper diet, physical exercise, and mental exercise can keep elderly minds sharp. Using home care services can assist a senior in a healthy routine to maintain a sharp mind. Visiting Angels provides non-medical home care and companions that can accomplish just that.

A healthy lifestyle can lead to sharper minds in the elderly. This fit standard of living includes healthy eating, exercise, and stimulating the mind with mental activity. By using home care services, seniors can get the support and encouragement they need to keep up with their physical and mental health.

In addition to physical health, diet contributes to brain health and protects against cognitive decline to keep elderly minds sharp. Just as an example, five servings of fruits and vegetables a day should be consumed, as well as fish once or twice a week. Trans and saturated fats should always be avoided. A caregiver from home care services can make sure that those who live on their own will continue with healthy eating and not skip meals. In addition to assisting getting to the store and buying the proper groceries, these caregivers can even prepare meals for seniors to ensure that they are receiving proper nutrition on a daily basis.

Physical activity that maintains cardiac fitness and vascular health can take of your brain as well. Preferably thirty minutes of exercise every day, but at least three times a week, allows for cardiovascular benefits. This vascular health and maintenance translates into sharp minds for seniors. A caregiver visiting an elderly person can make sure that a patient keeps up with a daily exercise routine.

Engaging in mentally challenging activities can also keep elderly minds quick and healthy. Reading, crossword and sudoku puzzles, games, brain teasers, learning a new language or musical instrument keeps minds active and occupied and are also very enjoyable pastimes. Having a home care service provide a friend to share in these activities can be a positive experience. Even the simplest of activities can help keep an elder’s mind active. Getting creative and introducing new sights and smells can have a substantial impact. Going to the local pond and feeding the ducks or simply strolling around the mall or the dollar store are a couple of examples of the almost limitless possibilities.

Visiting Angels’ caregivers are trained to encourage and help with activities like these. Visiting Angels provides personalized care for seniors as an alternative to assisted living facilities or nursing homes. The longer seniors can remain in their own homes, the more active both mentally and physically they will stay. Caregivers provided from Visiting Angels can help an individual with their routine and assist in activities with the goal of helping each continue to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a sharp mind.

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