How do you know if you suffer from Chronic Pain?

How do you know if you suffer from Chronic Pain?

By Drs. Jonathan D. Carlson & Patrick W. Hogan

Chronic pain is classified as pain that has lasted for six months or more. Those who suffer from chronic pain experience first-hand the impact their pain has on their own life and the lives of their loved ones. Many believe they have to just “live through” the pain; some are dependent on pain killers. It is likely that you or someone you know lives with chronic pain as 1 in 5 people have chronic pain.

Complementary, multi-level pain programs are essential when treating pain to give the greatest relief possible. Imagine two people come to a pain clinic, both reporting low back pain. In some pain clinics both patients would be prescribed the exact same treatment, though the cause of the pain and pain levels may be completely different. But at a pain clinic that offers a complementary approach to pain management, one person might see a practitioner, chiropractor and behavioral therapist, while the other person sees a practitioner and is treated by an acupuncturist. By visiting a clinic offering multiple modalities for pain treatment  and a team approach, pain is effectively treated on a personalized level. No two people are the same; pain should be treated on an individual basis.

When seeking a pain physician, it is crucial to know the physician’s qualifications. Seeking physicians who are board certified, even double-board certified, is recommended. A medical board is a governing organization that provides certification procedures by which doctors prove and demonstrate competency in that specific medical field. Through written and oral examination, physicians seeking board-certification demonstrate their knowledge, judgment and clinical skills among other attributes, while also showing that they can serve as experts in matters related to their medical field.

Consistent research and being published further prove a physician’s competency. Through research and publication, a physician not only benefits from studies, but shares his or her knowledge via articles in major medical journals. These journals are read by other physicians and specialists and often aid medical advancement.

Inspired by a close family member’s personal struggle with pain, the compassionate physicians at Arizona Pain Specialistshave created an environment where they and the entire staff consistently ask, “Is this the treatment we would want for our loved ones if they were in pain?” This empathetic, caring approach is teamed with individualized care plans that integrate many levels of care, resulting in the most effective pain treatments available.

Arizona Pain Specialists adhere to the highest quality standards in ongoing efforts to provide top-tier patient care. Physicians remain on the cutting edge of medical technology by routinely leading research teams and publishing their findings in prominent medical journals. Each physician is board certified through the American Board of Anesthesiology, in addition to being board certified Pain Management Specialists. By being double-board certified, our physicians are proving that they are knowledgeable, experienced and proficient in their field.

At your first visit and physician consultation, you will find Arizona Pain Specialists operates with an all-encompassing team approach. An individualized pain program is created for each patient and may include an outpatient procedure in the state-of-the-art on-site procedure center.

Chiropractic care at Arizona Pain Specialists is another facet of the comprehensive approach. Acupuncture, physiorehab and disc decompression are just a few of the options that may be suggested by the chiropractic doctors.

Further supporting that inclusive approach to pain management, Larry Lynch is available to all patients for psychotherapy and biofeedback. Arizona Pain Specialists hosts a weekly pain support group which has cultivated a dedicated following of patients who come because of a problem, but stay because of relationships. Arizona Pain Specialists proudly offers same-day MRI appointments at its on-site open MRI. This service is invaluable to patients, helping to treat pain issues even faster at it eliminates time lost due to having to schedule an MRI elsewhere.

Additionally Arizona Pain Specialists believes in educating its patients beyond the office visit. Its website ( features the free ePainBook, the largest online pain publication available. Taping has begun on The Pain Show, also available via the website. The Pain Show further educates viewers and offers inspiring stories from patients while keeping viewers updated on the latest in pain treatment news.

Co-authors Drs Carlson and Hogan are two of the pain-management physicians at the pain relief experts, Arizona Pain Specialists. To discover how you can live pain free call 480-563-6400.