Living with Purpose and Meaning––Legacy Assisted Living and Memory Care

Living with Purpose and Meaning

Courtesy Legacy Assisted Living and Memory Care, Texoma LIVING WELL Magazine

Every stage of life has its joys and challenges. Some people believe that once we reach a certain age, our expectations lessen and we no longer look forward to each day with optimism and gratitude. At Legacy Assisted Living and Memory Care, we believe that our lives holds value and that nothing––not infirmity or circumstances––should diminish the promise each day holds. We recognize that every resident has a life story and that our personal histories contribute to who we are.

That faith-based philosophy governs the way Legacy operates. It aligns with our mission of helping residents live meaningfully, with purpose and productivity. “Every person has worth and deserves to have a reason to get up in the morning,” says Steven Streun, owner and administrator. “Our goal is to provide a secure, enjoyable environment and to engage residents and the community in beneficial activities.

“Life is about experiences,” Streun continues. “Legacy is our residents’ home and they value the same things that traditional families love––things like good conversation, home-style food, group gatherings, laughter, and individual attention.”

Each resident has a unique history, bringing with him or her a lifetime of experiences, skills and interests that deserve celebrating. Even if memory loss has diminished ability, it doesn’t necessarily dampen enthusiasm! Rather than focusing on what is no longer possible, the staff at Legacy fosters confidence in what might be accomplished today.

Located within wooded acreage, complete with walking paths and raised gardening beds, Legacy Assisted Living and Memory Care offers residents private rooms with great exterior views. In additional to medication assistance and housekeeping and laundry services, residents also have ready access to the TMC community wellness swimming pool. There is a “Rising Wall” tub in the luxurious private spa room to enhance the sense of wellbeing.

Because Legacy is privately owned by Steven and Kimberly Streun, there is no impersonal corporate giant dictating operations from faraway headquarters. Fully licensed, the secure facility is like a home accommodating a large family, with a giant front porch equipped with rocking chairs and meals carefully prepared in the large kitchen.

Keeping residents safe is top priority, which is why the facility is equipped with Intel-GE Care Innovations™ Quiet Care® technology. The wireless system notifies staff electronically if unusual movement patterns occur, which can be especially useful when a resident has dementia or Alzheimer’s. Without cameras or microphones, it is almost undetectable, yet provides an added sense of security for residents and their families.

According to Streun, families look for the ideal place for their loved ones. They want to know that their mom or dad is cared for with sensitivity, expertise and kindness at all times. “We deliver on that promise!” he says. Additionally, families are sometimes concerned about costs since facilities like Legacy are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid. “Some long-term care insurance may provide benefits,” Streun says. “We’ll help direct families so that they have a number of options to consider.”

Close community connections are part of Legacy’s commitment to Texoma. They recently sponsored a production at the Finley Theater and actively work with other groups to enhance opportunities and build relationships.

Guests are invited to visit Legacy, complete with a tour of the grounds and garden and an opportunity to talk with staff and residents. Visitors can see for themselves the difference the Streun’s philosophy makes, combining advanced technology with a strong faith and loving care.

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